We look up at the sky every day. Usually it’s blue or black; sometimes orange or yellow. Sometimes it’s not there at all.

It happens about twice a month but it’s been more frequent lately. We’re not too worried about it though, it hasn’t harmed anyone yet- with the exception of the planes that went missing the first day it happened. But planes don’t fly anymore, and I’m sure we’ll find them soon.

When the sky disappears, it’s replaced by a thick substance that hangs about ten feet above everything, much like a thick fog. I guess you could call it a fog, but it’s not all gas. It’s thicker, and sometimes it feels almost solid- but it’s rare that you hit one of those patches. In the beginning, people would climb onto stacks of boxes and anything else they could find to run their fingers through it. Folks don’t do it much anymore though, we treat it now as any cloudy day. It always goes away after a few days.

There’s only two strange things to me about this, but I don’t mind it much. The first is that the “sky” is a color that I’ve never seen before. Hell, no one has ever seen it. I’m not quite sure how to describe it; how can you describe a color no one has ever seen? It’s a darker color, no official name and people call it whatever they please. I call it Margarine after my late wife. She sure was a color of her own.

The second thing I find queer about it is the quality of the air on days like this. If you’ve ever been a little too close to a fire, you know how this feels. Breathing gets a bit harder and there’s a heavy smoke bite to it. It’s not too bad but I have to consciously breathe a little more each day it’s here. It must just be my age, I’m no spring chicken.

You would think something like this would get everyone’s ears perked and panic showing but really nothing has changed. The government isn’t doing much, neighbors go about their business and the local weather station tries to predict when the next day like this will be. They never get it right but no one minds, it’s always a nice surprise.

I find myself wishing for days like this, the normal sky unsettles me now. I feel calm when all I can see is the Margarine, not much else seems to matter anymore. It’s been here about four days now and the air is getting smokier and it gets closer to my reach every morning. My breathing is a little more labored each day but it’s ok. I’m sure it’ll go away soon.

Credit To – A.M.

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