Love and Sulking – Free Ebook

Yeah, it’s alright though, I like it here. It’s nice. You know Britain’s okay, but… … a bit boring. Gary: I’ll come by soon Oh hi-ya, what are you doing home so early? I was ah… power outage at work… Sorry what’s going on here? Gary here has fixed our lighting problem Oy mate, how you doing? Tada! I thought I told you I was going to fix that. [Laughing] You wouldn’t know where to start. I feel really busy at work you know that. Gary: What do you do mate? I’m a surgeon. Oh nice! Well I’ll call you when I got a kidney stone and you can call me next time the bulb breaks. or if the DVD stops working [Laughing] Okay, well… I’ll leave you to it then. Well good to meet you mate! Evan, something’s blocking the door honey. Is everything alright in there? Yes everything’s fine go away. Did– Something happened at work? [Sigh] Yes, something happened at work. It’s something I did isn’t it? Darling just… Tell me what it is and then let’s fix it. Right? Just fuck off darling! Come on, Evan, you’re being ridiculous. Is this because of the electrician? Why don’t you fucking get him to change the batteries in your vibrator while you’re at it? [Sigh]

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