London: The School of Life – Free Ebook

I knew there had to be something so I may have mine told me about it I couldn’t believe it I thought the name is a bit weird I was like Nathan real is this place and then I went and I had this absolutely amazing time it was basically a whole evening about why people get together with certain people in relationships and I loved how everyone talked and shared and learn that stuff it was like the best kind of chat mixed with the best ever lecture I belong so much stuff I can never have gone near without it you can basically take classes in just about anything love money sex friendships politics philosophy you name it they’ve got it and then put this really cute little shop with gorgeous clothes and books and other stuff you’ve got this amazing website full of fascinating articles and I’ve even started seeing a therapist they’ve got in-house there which is just about the biggest tree to ever give myself an hour to talk to someone who’s trained about the other things going on my mom people often say we live in this shallow materialistic culture where no one ever wants to talk about the real stuff but it’s not true you just have to know where to look and I found it you

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