Right now, I’m a freshman in high school. I guess I could be called the “weird” type. You know, the one who always sits alone, glaring at the more popular kids. I guess you could also say I have to put up with a lot of crap from them, since they aren’t exactly the “friendly” type.

The female leader of the group, Lauren, is the worst offender of them all. She thinks she’s SO great, with her perfect blonde curls on her head, and her skinny figure. And I’ll admit, I DO want to be like her. We were friends when we were younger, but that’s LONG since over. My only friend is named Mary, and we’ve been friends since grade school. We got into a big fight in 7th grade, but she told me she’ll never do anything to make me mad again.

“You really should stop obsessing over her.” Mary sighs, shaking her head.

I just wrinkle my nose in disgust. I hate Mary. She can be so annoying sometimes. Me and her are just alike, though I don’t want to be like her any more. I want to be like Lauren. Beautiful Lauren who can get all the cute boys she wants and have them at her disposal.

“I do NOT obsess over her,” I snap. “Why am I even your friend?”

She just rolls her eyes. “If you LIKE her so much, then go BE her FRIEND.”

“Fine.” I reply, grabbing my food and walking over to Lauren.

“Lauren, can I sit with you?” I ask meekly.

“Oh, sure.” she answers with a smile. “Hey, we haven’t hung out in so long, maybe we could today?” Lauren questions.

“That’d be great. How about my house at 6?” And after a few minutes of conversing and me giving her my address, the bell rings and we go back to class.

After school that day, I hurry back to my house. I giddily clean up the house a bit and make sure my parents are out of the house so me and Lauren have plenty of alone time together.

When Lauren arrives, we have a lot of fun watching TV and sharing laughs over the fun times we used to have. And everything is okay until she says she has to go. I insist that she stays longer, but she says she has cheerleading practice in the morning and has to leave.

She’s just at the door when I have a knife to her throat. Suddenly, it’s as if I’m in 7th grade again, and I’ve got a knife held to Mary’s throat. She begs me not to hurt her, almost in tears. I insist that she stays longer, but she says she really should leave, stating that she doesn’t know why I’m mad but that she’ll never do anything to make me mad again. So I tell her that now, I can be just like her now, and I let the blade slice a large gash in her neck.

I’m brought back to reality when I hear Lauren’s corpse hit the ground with a thud. I give out a sigh when I see my clothes are stained red now. But no matter, those are my old clothes. I carefully pull off Lauren’s pretty blue dress, peel off my own clothes, and put the dress on. After a bit of hard work, I’ve got her scalp peeled off of her head and onto mine. I smile widely when I look in the mirror and see how beautiful I look.

“Honey, does your friend want to stay over for dinner?” I hear my mom yell from downstairs. My grin stays plastered on my face while I touch my beautiful hair. “No,” I yell back. “But I’ll be down in a minute!” I kneel down to Lauren’s body and put my hand on her soft cheek. “Oh, Lauren,” I start. “Now I can be just like you.”

Credit To: Me

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