“What’s this?” Pamela asked, running her hands over the verdant green cloth.  Whatever it covered stood a nearly a foot taller than her.  It was roughly rectangular shaped and she could feel what felt like molded metal underneath her fingers.

“An old family heirloom,” Shauna answered.  Her skin glowed milky white in the soft moonlight that filtered into the room.  She reached out and touched it fondly, caressing it.  “It’s the only thing I kept.  It’s a reminder of where I came from and who I used to be.”  She put a hand on Pamela’s shoulder and smiled.  “Go ahead you can look at it.”

Pamela pulled the cloth and it fell in ripples to the ground.  She gasped at the full length mirror before.  Ornate designs of winged angels ran up and down the gold plating surrounding the mirror that now reflected the dim room back at Pamela.  She squinted her eyes as she looked in the mirror, feeling Shauna lower her head next to Pamela’s own.  And as she looked she realized that in the mirror she stood alone even as the hand on her shoulder tightened.

Credit To – Star Kindler

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