Kali Yoga

Are you familiar with this thing we call meditation?

Well, that was a foolish thing to ask. Of course you know what meditation is. It’s the thing new age gurus and hippies advocate to improve your well-being. Very simple stuff, y’know. You just sit cross-legged on a surface (hard or soft), close your eyes, get your hands into some kinda position, and start watching your breathing, or whatever it is your instructor tells you to focus on.

Pretty boring stuff, right? Most people find it hard to focus on any one thing, and their minds quickly wander off in search of whatever object or topic they like. It’s unstoppable. You can’t help it. No one can. All you can do is to return your focus to your…let’s call it your anchor. The thing your instructor tells you to focus on, whatever it is.

Now, for most people, this is no problem provided they are not insane. There is, however, one meditative technique that has been passed down among only the members of one particular family. This technique is known as the Kali Yoga.

Don’t bother checking it on Wikipedia. It’s not there. You’ll need to go to a remote part of India to even hear rumors of it. I can’t tell you where it is. To be able to learn this style of Yoga, one is to be guided by none but their own luck. Any attempt to seek it on purpose will fail.

Now, you may ask why one would go looking for this specific school of Yoga. Well, supposedly, a person who managed to complete the training will gain wisdom and knowledge on par with the gods and demons themselves. Nothing on this earth will ever surprise them. They will know all the secrets of the universe. The physical world will matter not at all, for they will know all that it will ever contain.

That said, if you ever managed to find one willing to train you in this endeavor, beware. This article is not on Creepypasta for nothing, you know.

When you start training, you can expect the stuff listed at the top of this article to happen. Once you get to a certain stage, however, you will feel the top of your head getting pulled up to the sky while the area between your privates and buttocks will get pulled down to the ground. You will feel your head piercing the very heavens while the lower part of your body feels like it is sinking far below the ground. You will be able to feel everything going on around your now expanded conscious. Eventually, all the secrets of the universe will be revealed to you.

This is the most dangerous phase.

You see, most people have a spiritual barrier that encompasses the essence of their spirit and soul, a barrier made of all the person’s memory and beliefs. This style of Yoga purposefully creates breaks in the barrier to allow your consciousness to perceive the things hidden by this wall of memories and feelings.

Thing is, this wall is there for a reason. Once removed, you will see all of creation in it entirety. You will see the gods as what they are. So will you see the things we call demons as what they really are. You will learn they are not to be feared, for they are beings with their own set of rules.

You will also perceive the things at the edge of all creation. Black things that seek only to corrupt all that it could.

You will fear them.

You will also seek them, for such is the fascination they imprint on the human soul.

This is where you must resist. This is where you need to return to your anchor. Failure to do so will draw you closer to the true corrupter. You will come to it, and it shall consume you.

Death will be a blessing. Most who fell victim to it will not receive such mercy. The lucky ones go insane, gibbering about the living darkness. Others keep their mental faculty, but they can’t eat, can’t sleep, and will not be able to feel anything but constant pain no matter what they do.

The truly worst off…well, I can’t tell you. They are all gone.

Not dead. I told you that’s a blessing.

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