January 2016 Discussion Post: Favorite Creepypastas of 2015

Yes, this is a carbon copy of last year’s January discussion post – but given how interesting and fun it was to see everyone’s choices, I’m thinking that this should be a yearly event.

I’ll repost the guidelines from last year, with some slight tweaks:

  • Please stick to stories posted in 2015. While we all know and love the classic Creepypastas, this isn’t the place to bring them up.
  • Creepypasta is a massive community; there are countless sites, tumblrs, subreddits, YouTube channels and beyond where new content is being generated. Since this site only hosts a fraction of the work that’s being produced in this genre,  I don’t want to exclude other sources from this post – so do feel free to pick any new-in-2015 pastas that were published elsewhere as your 2015 favorite(s).
  • If the pasta that you’re talking about wasn’t posted here on creepypasta.com, please include a link to the story in your comment if possible. This way, anyone who hasn’t read the pasta in question can enjoy it as well!
  • Please give us some detail as to why you picked the story/stories that you did – don’t just drop a name and hit send, tell us what you liked about each story, why it stuck in your brain after reading, and why you felt it was deserving of recognition above all the rest.
  • If you can’t settle on just one pasta, consider giving us a list of your monthly picks – for example, January 2015 Favorite, February 2015 Favorite, etc, etc, etc. If you need to jump-start your memory, check the monthly archives on the sidebar.
  • Remember that you can edit your replies if you have a Disqus account, so if you’re wanting to do a list of your monthly favorites, feel free to take your time while you look back at the archives and refresh your memory – you can change or update your picks at your leisure.
  • As always, please be polite. Don’t insult each other if you disagree, and please don’t say rude things about authors or stories just because you don’t think someone’s pick was top-tier. Don’t fall into the trap of bringing down one person’s work in order to boost up your favorites. This post is to celebrate and talk about the stories that we really loved over the past year; any comments mocking or bashing specific authors or stories will not be approved. Let’s not start 2016 with unnecessary negativity!

Happy New Year to all and have fun!

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