January 2014 Discussion Post: Mythological Entities

Last month, we talked about how to create good monsters. Some classic boogeyman from folklore and mythology were namedropped over the course of the discussion, which got me wondering –

Which already established mythological entities are your absolute favorites?

Unlike last month, please don’t limit yourself to just monsters or malignant characters. Any mythological, religious, or folkloric being – from the Lady of the Lake to Ishtar to Kappas – is fair game. When you name your favorite, please give us some detail as to who they are and why you find them more interesting than all the others. Of course, you could just leave a one-word answer, but it will be much more interesting if you actually explain yourself!

Let’s also avoid any religious-based arguments or bashing. In the interest of simple terminology, I am tossing all of these entities that have existed across the time and space of human culture under the ‘mythology’ umbrella – this may include whatever belief system or pantheon you subscribe to, so please do not take offense at seeing, say, the archangel Michael being discussed in a similar fashion as Cornwall’s knockers. We are not here to make any value judgements or get into slapfights because one person believes and entity is real and another person believes they’re just folklore. Similarly, do not take this as any attempt to trivialize any particular belief system by implying that it’s fiction or “just stories” – as I said before, I am using plain, wide terminology in an effort to treat all systems fairly and not step on toes.

This means that commenters attempting to drive the discussion down the road of religious trolling/debates will find their input removed. If you do worship or believe in an entity, feel free to tell us and answer people’s questions about it as long as it doesn’t devolve into any sort of flamewar. Likewise, I don’t see a problem with people asking believers questions as long as they’re polite and not mocking. If I feel any discussion thread starts getting out of hand, I will simply stop approving the comments by the guilty party. It’s a new year, let’s start it off by treating each other well, please.

I hope that everyone has fun – this has the potential to be a very interesting and inspiring topic, I think!

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