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so at the School of Life we’re really interested in emotional health and emotional well-being and on this channel you’ll have seen loads of films around how to live wisely how to approach the challenges of everyday life now there’s one person when we set up the school of life there was always one person at the back of my mind he’s my hero he’s I’ve met lots of people in my life but there’s really only one that I’m desperate and longing to me and I’ve been telling all my friends for years that this is one man who actually lives in the same city as I living in London same part of London even that I want to meet more than any other because what he’s done is what we’re trying to do with the school of life he’s taken a subject which is quite arcane which was seen only for specialists and which is actually absolutely vital to well being and he’s made it for everybody he’s got everybody enthused and interested and that man is Jamie Oliver and it’s properly thrilling that today I’m going to be cooking and eating and chatting with my hero Jamie Oliver and he’s so important because what he’s doing is what we want to do he’s democratizing something that’s absolutely essential to a good life so here is my hero mate that was the most incredible intro I wasn’t expecting that it’s all true genuinely I what you’ve done is astonishing look at goosebumps now I’m not sure I’m worthy of that but if you are I better cut some bloomin good food now done everything convinced me you can do nothing wrong thank you so Jamie the thing I really want to talk to you about is how because we’re all about well-being and mental health is that kind of food that will keep your mind fresh active and you know keep things in perspective that’s the challenge your body’s basically like a loofah right there’s little kind of caverns and pockets where it’s just sucking up all the things that it needs some things it needs every day some things that can hold on to and keep over reserves for weeks and months I can show you foods that are really rich and great sources of things that particular your brain likes the more you mix it up and the more Whole Foods we mix up the more chance you’ve got to be the very best we can be the obsession by one thing is going to make you Clare or fast I think we need to let go stay away yeah I agree it’s like in philosophy people always say what’s the meaning of life it’s like well life is a you know made up of many many rivers that flow into a central sea of meaning it’s not one thing but it’s funny we live in a culture where people do expect one answer now philosopher Epicurus one of the great philosophers of the ancient world said the only things to feast on that you need to be a king he said are cheese and bread it reminds us that human beings are not that complicated in the end we just you know we need a few basic things and we sometimes we think we’re just machines that we can never understand some of these things are just simple routes to happiness this is a collection of things that you like this is just a map of happiness colors look great it’s just it’s healthful isn’t it should I tell you what we’re going to make please a la pesto tagliolini with his favorite artichokes and if you can just roll that lemon and when you start to fill your hand slipping a little yeah natural oils coming out so we’re going to go lemon zest okay just a little you my bro are gonna put the basil in here okay grab the nuts and the cheese we’re not using palms then we’re using Swiss cheese why because he likes it where’s this up for whack oh stop so now pour in there about five seconds of olive oil to start off with garlic goes in yeah and then we’ll squeeze in the juice of a quarter of a lemon give it another little wet [Applause] we’re such idiots for eating badly aren’t we this is what you teach us what’s beautiful about this is a tablespoon is all you need per portion we’re now going to add pasta this is tagliolini straight into the pan is salted okay and we’ll just give it a little move around and that will break up I’m going to do an artichoke so there we go so much of it is inedible and then the bit that isn’t is just great divine what I’m going to do is slice in this thin oh really does that then cook Wow wealth and in harmony with the pasta Wow I’m in awe here is the artichoke and the technically going in Wow right and we’re going to just toss it around the water is going to Mull safai with your Swiss cheese and it’s going to be sucked up even more so with the pasta we’re getting there we’re getting this is how I’m going to cook in the future I’m so converted it smells divine it looks amazing this food has got good fats it’s got herbs it’s got the goodness of the nuts and the answer is there isn’t a golden bullet and that’s not necessarily a golden bullet but love care attention will make you happy now I stressfully wait over here for the verdict what I’m loving is that all the different flavors are coming out it’s like listening to music and all the notes are clear and yet it’s coming together in a wonderful symphony I mean it it really is so me it’s like can I choice um yeah having a very dying real food fresh food is the best gift you can give to your mind body and soul frankly you know will a disaster to forget that actually you can be happy on very little and this is the proof of it and it’s so simple it’s happiness is simple right with a little knowledge so the question is you gave me quite a tough brief yeah food to make your mind work better well definitely elements in here will do that but more than that hopefully it makes you feel good and there’s goodness in there and now in you so have I answered your brief you’ve answered it more than brilliantly because I think what you’ve shown us is that happiness is possible on first of all a modest salary and with people who had time short you can rustle this up in minutes and it just it’s like the food of kings and queens that’s available for everyone so it’s wonderfully democratic and I think that’s you know really very much what we’re trying to do at the school of life which is to say there are all sorts of arcane ideas stuck away in the works of philosophers and great writers that are normally people go all you need tons of time and tons of money and tons of whatever in order to unlock them actually they’re available you can rustle them up in your own life and that’s why I’ve been always so interested in Jamie and what he’s up to because he’s democratizing something very important which is you know the food for your stomach and we’re trying to democratize the food for your mind you know Jamie and his team have been so generous to us at the school of life please return the favor and go and visit Jamie’s a food tube it’s a wonderful place I’ve learned so much there are recipes on all sorts of things and you’ll find something that you love and learn to get your life in shape with some truly fantastic recipes and loads of other really passionate cooks and share absolutely not just us your team is your army and it’s brilliant thanks guys lots of love Thanks we are making a kind of Mexican ish breakfast lovely silky omelette with cheese gorgeous chili smashed avocado and crispy little black beans it’s gonna be delicious to help me I’ve got a special guest I’ll become John hey how are you doing John really well really well how are you enjoying the feast of all it’s been amazing as usual can we just pound up

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