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She is back on the market


She’s broken up with…



Yeah. I met her for a coffee today and

last week she just told Dave it was all over

but this as out of the blue?



I know

Where’d that come from?

So, what is that you do exactly?

Ahh It’s

brain surgery technically

but more specifically precoital imaging analysis

basically repairs the neural pathways

that are dameged when someone has a stroke

wow that’s increndible

it’s very absorving but I never let it fully distract me

from my true hobbies cooking Sicilian food

especially seafood and also advocating for

human rights

in sub-saharan Africa

Oh God.

Oh my God that was…

That was really good


I’m sorry about making you come three times

I don’t think…

You looks exhausting! should to apologize for tha…


Do you want to make do it again?

you have it in you?

I think so, I send it been five times.

Oh my God, okay

I might faint..

Second time’s a charm..

Sure. Why not?

basically I just feel like

you know through adolecense

there was no one who might particulary got me

you know, especially after dad got sick

so moving, because

it was the same when mama fell up

ooh I should be there to look after you

I feel the same way about you

So, what is it that you’re enjoying?

Enjoying? I don’t enjoy it much but

I’m quite compelled by certain things


So, what, what compels you?

I’m fascinated by life on the planet after a nuclear cataclysm


There wouldn’t be much of it of course but

slow disintegration of the larger mammals

mass human extinction, pollution of all major water sources

fatal gamma doses

eventual disappearance of everything but small reptiles and insects

because of a build up of Radio isotopes


should we?

that’s it for me

what do you? I mean like for now

are we gonna

maybe later.

Uncertainly for now




Thank you.

You’re welcome

So. mmm. You and Jason are gonna go away?

Yes. He’s booked tickets degrees

because yeah a couple of his friends from the

rock climbing club, and so we’re gonna go hiking in it

Oh my God that’s gonna be amazing.

Yeah will be really nice


hey..How about you? Are you gonna go on that big trip?

I really thought about it but…

It could be amazing like you can just

just start from scratch and make

an amazing itinerary cuz

Itinerary…What do you think about you go all the way down East Coast?

I could do it.

Oh my God and you’re gonna meet so many people

Do you think you might go with Joey?

What dead legs?

You’re gonna hook up

No doubt it, no.


I don’t think so.

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