Into the Grey

The first time it happened, I thought I was dead. There I was lying under the hot water of my hotel room’s shower. My thoughts and concerns raced through my head. I was overwhelmed by the feelings of fear and a certain peril in my future. Breathing deeply I tried to calm my mind, silence the thoughts, and relax. Mending the sounds of falling water from the shower head with the rain and thunder pouring just outside the hotel window. As the sounds started to blend I closed my eyes and concentrated on nothing. As my mind completely cleared itself my thoughts went silent, and it happened. The sounds started to fade and my breathing slowed. The pounding of my heart seemed to cease. I opened my eyes only to see my vision tunneling into darkness, and in the moment that the blackness closed around me I felt nothing.

I feared to open my eyes, but no sooner did the thought cross my mind then I became aware of my surroundings. It is best described as a shade of grey. Though I saw the water strangely moving slowly out of the shower head I heard nothing, and as I looked down I saw my body. It appeared to be asleep. Overcome with shock I tried to gasp, but could not. I then noticed that I was not breathing, I didn’t have to. I felt nothing. The need to blink or breath was gone, along with all other senses except that of this blurred sight I was experiencing. I considered myself dead, yet eerily accepted this fate faster than one might expect. Sick of staring down at my body in terror I decided to move on to observe the environment around me. I moved, it took only a thought. No motion strain or movement of limbs, I just moved forward as my thoughts took me there. the weightlessness was strange to me. as I entered the bedroom I saw that the once loud vibrant and tacky colors of the hotels carpet were now grey. Everything translucent, the walls seemed alive moving erratically as a television with bad reception. The complete and utter silence was becoming a disturbing void. As I moved on I approached the door. I thought to reach out for the handle. Expecting to feel the cold metal under my fingers, but nothing happened, I could not physically open the door, because my physical body was still lying in the shower. I moved forward passing through the door. Though I should have expected it I was surprised when I didn’t feel anything, the only difference in moving openly and passing through that door was that as I was in the door I moved more lethargically, slower than my few other previous movements.

I started moving through the halls looking for something, i didn’t know what at the time. Possibly someone else, someone alive. At this hour it was doubtful that anyone was awake. Not feeling the urge to pass through someones wall and watch them sleep, envious of the living I decided to move on. Outside the door of the hotel I noticed that the cars were moving up and down the street at a crawl almost motionless as the water from the shower. I believed my perception of time to have almost completely ceased. Just as I was pondering what I would do with an eternity of this I caught a glimpse of a figure on the edges of my perception. A shadow moving blindingly fast. It was hard to follow, being that it blended in with the grayness of my current domain. I attempted to shout out to it and suddenly my silence was broken not with audible noise but my thoughts that I attempted to put into word. They echoed loudly in my mind. The shadow stopped. although it was at quite a distance it seemed to have heard, or felt what I had just formulated in my mind. It slowly started to approach, but then suddenly picked up speed. My mind was frightened, my thoughts were scattered. All the things I started thinking would suddenly begin ringing through my head. It was loud and overwhelming, the shadow grew closer. It was not the form of a human, it was running on what appeared to be four legs, full speed now. Every thought screaming loud in my mind at the same time. The shadow was upon me.

The beating of the water against my skin awoke me screaming. Flailing gripping the sides of the bath tub to climb out. Slipping on the wet tile I fell to the ground. Frantically trying to stand, my head and heart pounding. The once normal bathroom light now seemed unbearably blinding. Stumbling to the bed I climbed in trembling. Only a few things were sure, I was alive, the reality of what just happened allowed me to dismiss the possibility of dreaming, and I was not the only thing within the grey.

Credit To: MR. H2O

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