If Philosophers Read the News – Free Ebook

Today, once again, fundamentally nothing new has happened. All human affairs are rehearsals of the same themes played out against a mildly changing background but merely articulating the essential futility of existence and the damn nature of humankind. Trapped like a fly in the bottle of life. We bring you a tree which today moved lightly in the breeze. There is so much to be grateful for. We should note that in some cases wisdom did prevail. Certain potential murderers did not, today, pick up a knife. Certain sorts of rage were defused for now. Some would-be adulterers had second thoughts Certain would-be suicide bombers saw into the eyes of a child and could not do it. We are no better than the beasts and the earthworms the lugs and the anthropods This individual here puts us to shame. In any case, the most important things have happened today have not occurred out there in the plains of Anatolia or the straits of Singapore or the corridors of the Pentagon but in your own soul, that vast, unexplored region itself no more studded than the dark side of a far-off planet in some distant galaxy. If you like our films, take a look at our shop, theschooloflife.com/shop You’ll find lots of thoughtful books, games, stationary, and more.

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