I Am Eldreth

You are sitting there right now, exactly as I was just two weeks ago.
You are reading through these articles, daring yourself to feel fear.
You are laughing at posts that seem fake to you, brushing off the slight tingle you feel racing down your spine.
You are looking around the room, searching but not seeing.
You are starting to feel that knot of fear in your stomach, you are wishing you hadn’t started reading this post.
You are feeling the sensation of warm breath on the back of your neck, you are feeling it and yet you won’t turn around.
You are telling yourself this post doesn’t scare you, you’ll keep reading to prove that to yourself.
You are starting to wonder why you’re getting so scared in the first place, none of this is real…is it?
If you pay attention, listen really well, you might even be able to hear my eyes blink. Just once.
Don’t turn around.
If you close your eyes, see with your mind, you might even be able to see me move to stand in front of you.
Don’t be alarmed, I don’t want much from you. I’ll only take what I need because I know you want to give it to me.
You are wondering what I want from you. You’ll know soon enough…
Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt very much,
Don’t be afraid, you won’t even feel my touch.
You must not scream, I feed on your silence,
You must not scream, I don’t want to resort to violence.
I just want your eyes, do you really need to see?
I just want your eyes, I need the darkness to leave me.
By now you know, this darkness consumes,
By now you know, in blindness it looms.
I am, death,
I am, Eldreth.

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