How we eat when no one is looking – Free Ebook

what do you eat when no one else is there to see you that’s just a solo version of what you do when others are around with one setting instead of two or more but we know that’s luxury we know how much weirder you get yet it’s a lonely guilty knowledge cookery pages keep on pushing a different vision of what we like smart but casual rustling up well organized carefully nutritious meals for one but that’s not normal at all as we come into real nuts in part due to insights afforded us by social media and never-ending stream dimly-lit junk food concoctions this is what we really like it’s normal indeed pretty much universal to do odd things so in truth they’re not really odd at all alone we coat fish fingers with mayonnaise we try pasta with marmalade the perfect meal might be three chicken drumsticks and a chocolate bar and nothing else we know this about ourselves and yet we continue to lie to others you invite friends over to eat you worry and fuss and create elaborate recipes but in truth they too might just fancy a cheese sandwich in the packet of crisps out for dinner a smart restaurant you might secretly crave can chicken soup serve with fries or a baguette full of peas but deference to the idea of what’s normal prevents you from speaking up we’re gradually coming to realize in a great many fields that it’s normal to be abnormal take art in the first off the 19th century the English painter JMW Turner worked for his own pleasure on painting she never exhibited publicly or even showed to anyone during his lifetime they’re like sausages covered in sugar to make money and earn himself a reputation he had to make more standard things nowadays we recognize how much greater the private Turner was and a less prestigious the still very important way our secret eating styles are like Turner’s hidden pictures in so many areas of life twisting on a journey of discovery shyly daring to own up to our true selves

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