How to Help Your Partner Remember That You Exist – Free Ebook

[Music] Jason Jason Jason I just get the under can just get to the end of this paragraph [Music] just look Jason Jason what do you think what do you think of what dress what are you talking about you dress thing that I put on say that you think I look fit okay nice nothing [Music] I really think you like this book yeah so good that geopolitical one hmm yes it’s basically about why certain people’s came to dominate others and it’s less to do with well it’s not even at all to do with race well like superiority yeah that it’s more with to do with technological advancements and you know come together as best as farmers and that kind of thing and so it’s quite useful in terms of talking about those issues I just got a very interesting bit about diseases and symptoms and signs yep great Simpson conscious symptoms and signs of diseases but if you think about it diseases did a bit yeah that’s a cat this one the peanut surprise this Comptoir yes actually yeah it is how’d you know well I saw a shop window a couple of weeks ago yeah I thought at the time it would look amazing on someone able to carry it off Seth oh hey Jason that’s what I might find you here so how’s it going you still living with your parents No [Music] you’ve always them you’ve always struck me as being really well-read not really I’m just gonna get obsessed about various things and then read up about li mochou and tell me tell them about what what Dimond men also is essentially exploding various myths about economic development and particularly things like I think we’ll Maurice bell curve which is about environmental factors of how the infamous everything ok with a seminar Lauren just wanted to know about crop rotation in early Mesopotamia and then you just you to ask [Music] thank you Jeff fun yeah did did you yeah it’s great Lauren is nice hmm yeah very nice big clever very interesting how about Seth yes it’s a very charming man handsome I really like your dress by the way you do mm-hmm thank you would you like to borrow it I’m good I’m okay I like the person wearing it as well things that I thought earlier didn’t say thank you do you know the way I’m not massively into the kind of Mesopotamian crop circle rotation adjacent but I think you are very clever it’s Garrety clever I love talking to you don’t go Stace deciding whether to stay in or leave a relationship is one of the trickiest and most consequential decisions we can face our stay or leave card game can help us towards an answer click now to learn more

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