How to Enjoy a New Relationship – Free Ebook

One of the most interesting things when you’re in a new relationship is that you don’t need anyone other than your partner. Other people seem stupid to you fighting for fun Singing a song from your childhood for them Hands traces of their lives before you were a part of it How hot they look in an old T-shirt Seeing how they looked at your age 6 year olds seeing their intimates everything is allowed during sex all the fantasies you can share even the most impossible you can do this discover the neighborhood they live in from the city share what they love to do you just need your partner living in a chair it’s okay as long as it’s with you Talking about your lives even after 2 a.m. When they share bad things in their past with you, cry about what they’ve been through, junk foods are tastier The fun in a new relationship isn’t the relationship itself, it’s the newness of it Enjoy it – because it lasts about 6 months

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