How to Defuse an Argument – Free Ebook

Sam? Sam? Where are you? There you are. I can’t believe you thought you could get away with this. No-I want to say look, if we’re gonna have another argument, how about we finally talk about the fact that Carefull Remember… looking for my taste I told you specifically if you could put the tennis cube in and I know that you didnt do this Wait from it And I’m never allowed to talk about that; you always change the subject when we try to talk about that. Dont try to sound reasonable, either I know how this must have made you feel, and I fully understand your emotional response to the situation. Never suggest they calm down. Look, I think you’ve just had a hard day at work… i have today …and these shoes were giving you grief… I think the best thing to do is I’ll make a nice cup of tea… we’ll just relax and you can just calm… DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! DON’T YOU DARE! Don’t offer a politician’s apology. I can see that what happened would have upset you from where you’re standing… and that my behavior was not, at least in your eyes, what was expected of me and of what I expect of myself. Try some of these things instead A genuine apology ( they ‘re always free ) But I’m sorry, I really am sorry… like if there was something that I could do– like, anything just to make it fine– like, I would. They ‘re not nasty If I have the ability to just go back and not ever meet you, I would because it’s just been a CONSTANT, CONSTANT DISAPPOINTMENT. Do you understand what I’m saying? You’re a spoiled little brat. Think of yourself standing outside the planet Things look quite small from up here. There’s no consideration for anybody else– it’s literally you’re one-trap-minded– and I am sick of it! Think of them as a child You can always , if it becomes truly unbearable, run away Remember you have been impossible too. Quite often Yes, my phone is broken, and it’s your fault. >> It’s my fault? >> Yes! Even though Yea, like– God, I need to get to the airport 9 in the morning. >> No, i-it’s fine… you’ll get it fixed. >> No, it’s not fine, it’s 9 in the morning, that’s not fine, when are you gonna get it fixed now? There’s no time. There’s no time. Come here… come on. It’s gonna be fine. Just don’t worry, kay?

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