How to Change Your Partner Through Humour – Free Ebook

[Music] you just call you mom like an hour ago so I try to see what else who is going to be a say lots of things anyway tonight your business hi mom yeah yep know what now you can’t weigh that share what’s wrong with it look you can’t be this funny funny guy all the time please can you just wear something appropriate to the event well why should you kill joy as the my own style I like it [Music] what what’s going on I think know what why are you wearing oh oh oh this well I decided that I was fed up of us having arguments about your obsessive cleaning and you know what I’m just going to understand give it up and I’m going to live in a biochemical hazard suit you know limit the spread of my bacteria around your precious apartment oh it’s amazing yeah that’s for me because of my excessive cleaning well you would have missed of it I’m going yeah Drac hold on to it what don’t you wish for the text for tomorrow what time is the flight 10 hair o’clock should be fine eight are you joking why are you saying erotic about airports I’m not I just make sure were punctual that’s all I think that’s everything okay careful what the flights up to more after 10 a.m. yeah I know haha worried about missing it as well I was thinking about what you said all the things we can go wrong I thought probably best to get the departure lounge good 9 hours before the flight leaves so what oh c’mon the taxi there go you you [Music] you

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