How to Be Sad – Free Ebook

We all want of course to be happy But the strange thing about being properly happy is that it’s a state that requires us to learn and regularly practice a slightly odd sounding related skill knowing how to be sad Everyday a lot of stuff happens to us which is in one way or another pretty hurtful Someone doesn’t call someone says no a project isn’t going to work out You’d think we then just spontaneously feel sad for a bit and that would be the end of it But that’s not ,it seems,how many of us actually work. Frequently our minds which are squeamish by Nature Rigorously shut out unfortunate negative feelings and go into a state of what psychologists called denial Where difficult but true information is refused access We may as a result of burying our feelings develop a number of symptoms We can’t sleep, bits of our bodies start a twitch, we develop an addiction Or there’s another option We become extremely surely not happy as such But brittle and insistent in a fake kind of upbeatness , the sort of happiness that can’t tolerate any sadness Here’s a couple Ben and Freya. There’s a lot of sadness in Freya But she’s learned not to let any of it in to consciousness So she’s often extremely cheery and rather bad at picking up on other people’s need to be sad Let’s watch a little film about these people ah,what’s wrong with you, looking all gloom? Nothing to be gloom about, it’s the weekend! [what] should we do this weekend party party was it’s all Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday [we] love that don’t you know what I think about the other day you’re so good at karaoke. [I] love it when you do karaoke Saturday night and I like the way you move yeah You don’t know you’re ticklish around in here. You can [whisper] [all] open We need to be sympathetic the origins of jolliness are pretty painful They’re often to do with having had a parent or early caregiver who for one reason or another Couldn’t tolerate problems or any difficulties They were perhaps depressed or otherwise Fragile so quite early on the manically jolly person got into the role of being an upbeat cheerleader Not because they were but because they had to be Pain is of course horrible thing to feel But because it is a part of our reality we need to have the courage to allow it to work its way Properly through our system. We need to learn to feel the pain of our lives authentically Before it’s joys can feel real as well Pushing problems aside is deeply tempting but our pleasures will only feel authentic when we’ve first given the pain all the space it truly deserves in our lives We love bringing you these films if you want to help us to keep bringing you thoughtful Content please consider supporting us by visiting our shop at the link on your screen now

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