How Not to Break Up With Someone – Free Ebook

You okay? Okay? Yeah I’m alright, yeah. How are you, you alright? Yeah. Why, what? I dunno, you kind of just seem a bit distracted or something. Distracted? No, no, I’m alright. I’m not distracted. Okay cool, so I got the tickets to Venice for March. That’s… terrific, really terrific. Terrific. You know I think that like some souls, are kind of they’re meant to together beyond space, time, whatever. Look babe, like born to be together but I also think that might not necessarily mean they should be together on a day to day basis. So, are you saying you don’t want to be with me any more? NO, no not at all no. That’s so simple, it’s way more complicated than that. I cannot deal with this. What do you even want from me? I’m sorry, I don’t get it. Like where do you imagine this is even going to go? Look why can’t we just instead of overthinking it just you know, not ruin the evening and you know order a pizza and watch a film together and have some fun. Hey, come on. I love you, come on. It pains me to hear you like this. I know you get a bit down on your birthday so I got you this. This is the last one. Are you going to be alright? Sure. I don’t love you anymore and I’m sorry. I know it hurts but it’s how I feel. You just need some space. Mmm, I don’t, I’m not sure that space… I could all the space I want but I think I would end up occasionally maybe wanting to sleep with you but nothing more so I think I just can’t really see us having a future. I think, erm, I think you should move on.

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