Homicidal Tendencies

This is not a story of some roadside ghost that causes accidents, a creepy episode of a famous TV show, The disappearance of an entire town, or anything of the sort. This is the story of me, a seemingly normal citizen that leads a seemingly normal life.

I live in a small town located in central Ohio. I just graduated from a class of about 120 people. Some of my hobbies include: Going to the movies, playing video games, reading, playing soccer, playing music with friends, and going to local shows to see bands play. In the fall I will be moving away for college, just like many of the people I graduated with.

What sets me apart from the rest of society is a very primal desire. The desire to kill another human being. Whenever I see another person, I feel the urge to murder them. I often sit with my friends and think of the various ways I could kill them. After having sex with my girlfriend, I think about strangling her as she sleeps. I have no logical reason for feeling this urge, no traumatic past event that’s altered my thinking. I just want to kill. Maybe I will act upon these impulses some day. push someone off a balcony or stab a man on my walk home from class.

So after reading this and continuing on with your normal life,spending time with your normal friends, and sleeping in the same house with your normal family, ask yourself what it is to be ‘normal’. Think about all of the people you casually walk by everyday. Maybe they’re not as normal as you think. Maybe they want to kill you for no specific reason. Maybe it’s me.

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