I can tell, how you’re staring there at this screen, finding some enjoyment. You need anything, just anything to keep you awake and entertained. It’s late, you’re dead tired, but you want to use up every moment. I know how it is. This happens to me, too.

Are the sounds on your computer too loud? Don’t want to wake your folks? Don’t want to get complaints from neighbors, even? Whatever, not a problem. Lower the volume on your speakers. Now that doesn’t really work for you. Instead grab some headphones. You walk through the dark with that slight paranoia, the old childhood fear of the dark. It never really goes away, but it’s all in your head, and you know that. You find your room, you dig through your drawers and your junk to feel for some wires. Ah! There they are. Time to head back to the computer.

Drop them on your computer desk, and go grab a drink of water. Come back and sit down comfortably. Throw on your headphones. You hear a dark ambient sound in the background. A liquid dripping sound, even some metallic grinding there, too. Is it from outside? You take off the headphones, and suddenly, the sound goes away. You think for a moment, suspicious and even frightened. You slide the headphones back on. There it is again. There’s some high-pitched frequency you hear as well. You rip them back off, thinking this is just a joke. It’s gone again. You slide them back on and turn the volume on your speakers all the way down, you even break off the switch trying to make the sound disappear. But it remains.

But then suddenly you notice something. Something you feel stupid for not noticing before. Your headphones aren’t even plugged in. But wait. The wire, it’s dangling straight out, stretching into the darkness elsewhere. You try to pull it towards you, but nothing. You must’ve gotten it stuck on something, you think. But when was I even over in that area? You walk blindly into the darkness, using the wire as a guide through. The wire is longer than you once remembered, much longer than how you remember. “What the hell is this?” you say in your head. The further you go, you finally feel something on the wire. It’s a heavy, gooey, mucky liquid-solid matter. You pick up your hand and bring it close to your face to see what the substance is. It’s dark, and it glistens off the glow of your computer screen, which is now a lot farther away from you than it should be. You glance at your computer’s set-up, and back at your hand.

But in that quick glance at your computer set-up, you noticed something. You saw something there, standing there and staring at the dark and dull light radiating off of your computer monitor. Not only did you see something, but you heard something as well. A heavy, gooey, mucky dripping sound.

You look back at your computer set-up, as the tall, man-like figure there glistens in the light.

Credited to my favorite anarchistic bastard, Mr. Valiant.

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