Girl From The Black Lagoon

When I was in the 5th grade, our class would get to spend a week at a camp. Only people from our class/school would go.

All that week, there’d been a lot of talk about a girl who had drowned in the lagoon a few years back. I heard a lot of weird stuff from other kids (scratching at the bottom of kayaks/hearing yelling and splashing at night with no one there) Most of this I chalked up to other kids my age being retarded. The counselors wouldn’t talk to us about it.

One night we were supposed to have a guy come talk to us about snakes and lizards (for a night session). We had punch, and cookies, and waited on him for a long time. The counselors told us he wasn’t coming, but they weren’t sure what happened to him. (they didn’t get a phone call, I never found out why he didn’t show up) So we all milled around in the main lodge instead.

A girl I didn’t recognize approached me, and asked me out of the blue if I’d heard about the story of the girl that drowned in the lagoon. I had, and relayed it to her briefly. And she told me that the story I heard wasn’t true, that the girl had been meeting her boyfriend (we weren’t allowed to be out at night with the boys, or hold hands, etc.) and they’d had a fight.

It’s been since fifth grade, but I’m pretty sure the kid left her to drown.

The story (and the way the girl was talking) got to me for some reason. Also, the girl who had died was supposed to have long black hair and glasses (which the person I was talking to did).

After she walked away, I picked her out from the other students again and told her “I don’t believe in ghosts.”

She replied, “I do.”

After that, she wandered off and I couldn’t find her any more. I asked about her with my classmates, and also spent a few weeks after I got back trying to scout her out in the cafeteria (I skipped class one day so I could kind of scout all the lunch periods), but I never saw her again.

I’d like to add, there are some incongruent things:

The girl also said some really bizarre things, like that that the ghost of the girl could possess the girls at the lodge during the full moon if it fell on a Wednesday (it wasn’t Wednesday).

Also, as far as I can tell, no one was ever drowned in that lagoon. I haven’t been able to find information on it since, just the string of reports from the other kids and the creepy girl that disappeared.

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