You’re working alone in the office late one night when you hear the old fax machine start running. Surprised, you go to check what has printed to see a photo of the building you are working in taken from across the street with your office light the only one on. The photo is time stamped at one hour ago. Unusual, but easily explained you thought as you return to your desk to finalize your work so you could get home soon.

Back at your desk, you hear the sound of the fax machine starting up again. Annoyed by the interruption you go over to check it only to see a photo of the inside of the building, time stamped 30 minutes ago. What the hell. Anyone could have put the dates on these old photos, and they are just trying to fuck with you, you rationalize. But as you reach for the switch to turn off the machine, it starts up instantly and one last photo comes through. It’s a photo of you standing at the fax machine. As suddenly, all the lights in the building switch off.

Credit To: Jack

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