Explain This?

I am 53 years old, and the memory of this experience, which occurred when I was 11, the sheer terror I felt, is still as fresh as the night it happened. Retelling the tale to my kids, and learning about this website, has prompted me to share.
My parents own an old, old Hotel, built in the 1850’s, and we used it as a vacation spot (it was not open to the public). The ghost story that came with the Hotel, told by many guests, involved hearing a dragging sound from an upstairs hallway, and foot steps heard when it was a fact nobody was there…
At any rate, my mother and I had arrived a day early, before the rest of my family and our friends. There was NO way I was going to sleep upstairs, alone, in one of the twenty small bedrooms, so I elected to sleep with my mother in her room at the foot of the stairs.
For some reason I woke up, alert and instinctively knew something wasn’t “right”. Though my mother slumbered on, I lay there, eyes wide in the dark, and shivered in the suddenly cold atmosphere. As I lay still, I clearly heard, above me, the sound of something heavy being dragged; the sound a steamer trunk from the 1800’s might make as a boarder left his room, hauling his belongings. My stomach clenched, and I lay frozen, my entire being focused on the sound. Appalled, I heard the sound of footsteps, slowly descending the wooden staircase outside the closed bedroom door. Creak, creak, creak, the steps slowly came closer. I still lay, absolutely frozen with terror, holding my breath, every fiber of my young body focused on the sound; I knew I was hearing the infamous Ghost that until now had just been a laughable story to me. The footsteps sounded clear and solid, as if a corporeal body was making them, though I knew the Hotel was empty of all but my mother and me.
When the sound appeared to be right outside the closed door, they stopped. I strained to hear more, but to no avail. I noticed the cold disappeared, and the summer heat returned, yet still I lay in a state of shock, scared mute. Finally I drifted off to sleep, and woke in the morning, safe, but with clear recollection of the paranormal experience I had gone through. So, 42 years later, the experience is as fresh as the night it occurred. Can you explain it? I can’t.

Credit To: Kim Brown

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