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it’s always exciting to think about what kinds of technology are going to be coming to us in the future by extrapolating from current trends we can make some good guesses about some of the astonishing inventions that are going to be around 30 or 50 years from now yet when we imagine the technology of the future too often we restrict our imaginations to particular areas we think a lot about what’s going to happen around things like high-speed air travel space exploration energy generation telecommunications and warfare but the potential of technology is in truth going to be far broader than this in the future technology will first and foremost develop to help us deal more successfully with our emotional lives thanks to advances in artificial intelligence robotics and nano engineering we predict we’re going to see an explosion in what we like to call emotional technology here are our predictions about four inventions we feel sure will exist in half a century or so especially if we talk enough about them today one of the major sources of conflict and grief between people especially in relationships stems from how bad we are at explaining the contents of our minds to other people in short we’re appalling communicators we grunt we can’t find the words we bottle up feelings we don’t know what’s going on inside us and therefore can’t signal our needs to others when we’re on the receiving end of inaccurately communicated feelings we tend to make bad guesses about what might be going on in the other person we get overly alarmed we come up with jumpy ungenerous stories our guesses make things far worse than they usually need to be just as we invented the wheel because our legs were imperfect in the bucket because our fingers couldn’t carry water so we will invent the mood reader to counteract some of our natural weaknesses around interpreting others the mood reader will be able to give people close to us whom we elect beautifully expressed executive summaries of what we’re really feeling at a given point laid out in ways that are accurate generous and imaginative like something a great novelist would come up with when you come home from work and don’t have the energy or insight to say what’s on your mind the mood reader will take care of it it will explain that you’re not angry you’re just exhausted or at a party when you flirt with a person the mood reader will explain that it’s not that you don’t love your partner anymore it’s just that occasionally you need to know you can still attract it might have looked like a horrid betrayal yet really was simply just a bit of meaningless fun currently too often a person in a couple will say in despair after a long silent how did you expect me to be a mind reader well technology will spare us the cumulative years of sulks and arguments by allowing us to be for a time just that in the future we’ll look back in horror at the primitive dating websites of today the spouse finder of 2050 will be an expert of finding you a match partly because everyone on the planet will be registered with it but just as importantly because it will have such an acute understanding of our deepest needs and emotional vulnerabilities even those we don’t quite understand ourselves or are not good at acknowledging the spouse finder will have a picture of our long-term development in its memory it will for example know that we might need someone who can occasionally stand up to us though will do so kindly and not break us as they do so the spouse finder won’t be driven by an illusory goal of mutual bliss or trouble-free love it will know that all relationships have areas of deep compromise but it will try to direct us towards the best available fit given our nature and that of the rest of the human race the spouse finder will know us and others so well it’ll have the authority to convince us when we do hit tricky patches with a partner it’s found us but for all its faults our relationship really is the best available for us it’ll give us the confidence to believe that the trickiness of our couple emerges not so much from the other person as from the inherent difficulty of being with anyone the couple finder will put a lid on the persistent idea currently responsible for so tragically broken homes that we could be happy if we just went off with someone else who looks pretty nice on their profile photo named after the world’s greatest early philosopher Socrates who famously said that the first philosophical priority is to know yourself Socrates would be a piece of wearable emotional technology that will make up for our failures of self-knowledge in real time we imagine it as a kind of wearable life coach with a total understanding of our mental health who we are and what we need to thrive emotionally at key moments Socrates will be on hand to temper our excesses and correct our emotional blind spots it will know when we’re getting to an angry outburst and counsel us wisely before it’s too late it will sense mounting panic and be on hand immediately with the most soothing insights humanity has ever had it’ll wean us away from unhelpful desires and compulsions towards more fruitful and enriching pursuits it’ll know when we need an extra challenge it will ensure that we can at all times be the best version of ourselves we have so much that’s precious clever and creative inside of us but rarely do we have the insight and opportunity to externalize our talents and put them to productive use in the economy what’s on our business card seldom reflects our deepest possibilities the career locator will understand our true potential and have the ability to mine it while there’s still time bringing it to the surface and matching it to the requirements of the economy it will tease out the latent talent or genius that exists in all of us it will know before we do where our true destiny lies it will know how we measure up to others and what our chances of success in a given field really are it will once and for all do away with a terrible panic and sadness we tend to feel often on Sunday evenings as we realize that we’re heading to the grave with the most precious parts of us still unexploited the promise of technology has always been that it will make life more convenient and less painful but to date we haven’t managed to focus on technological efforts on the biggest sources of content which are to do with the size of our phones or the speed of our planes but with our emotional lives and the turmoil caused in them by our self ignorance cognitive frailty and inner blindness that is the astonishing promise of the upcoming age of emotional technology you

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