Down By The Tracks

“Take a seat John. Why don’t you tell us what happened from the beginning?” The detective motioned you towards the chair with a hand gesture accompanied by his harrowing eyes.

“I-I-I I don’t remember…”

“Well how about you have a sip of water, take a deep breath and make yourself remember.” The detective stated. He definitely wasn’t a nice cop.

It started coming back…

It took you no time to fall in love with her. From day one you knew she was the girl of your dreams. The first person you felt you could truly connect with, soul to soul. She was a great listener and didn’t judge you on any of your imperfections, she actually liked them, and you believed her. You had met her 4 months ago, down by the train tracks. It’s the place you used to go to escape your problems when you were having a bad day. The place had a certain feel to it that allowed you to just forget about everything for a while. She went there for the same reasons as you. You still remembered the first time you met her, and how it wasn’t even intimidating when you walked over and said hello, despite her utter beauty of blonde hair and perfect pale skin. In fact she always joked that it was her that broke the ice with you, but it didn’t matter. You both had each other now and that’s all that you cared about. You were grateful and very lucky… For a few brief moments you actually felt happy again, as your vision twirled in memories of all those times you spent together… Until the vivid memories faded as quickly as they had formed, and you were sucked back into the cruel reality of what was happening. Sitting in the cold and lonely interrogation room, scared out of your mind.

The day police arrived at your door to bring you in for questioning over her death shook your world like no other. That’s why you were having so much trouble voicing anything to the detectives who were standing over you intimidatingly. Stuttering and mumbling, you still couldn’t believe it. Especially when they mentioned she died 4 months ago.

Credit To: Jack

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