‘Do I Know You?’ (On Forgetting Lovers) – Free Ebook

hi so we bumping into you hey yeah everybody good you good you well holding in there though I mean you know all that so how five six five six sorry nuts months yemen’s months of course months so what are you doing around here I just I just live up the road yeah I can’t leave you I one of mine whose use my seeing you anyway really nice you’ve been to my house I live just around the corner you do remember my house with the bright green door and the comedy don’t Bob me have my parrot Reggie yeah the parrot Reggie yeah what what great bird people who thought it was weird I had a parrot in a it’s a nice girl like you Cassie having a parrot they’re dirty Birds Cassie they can turn dangerous at any time I killed Reggie this morning I’m telling you this because we’re such good friends I had to he gouged out calories I remember carries I who is that such a lovely risible think so I killed Reggie with a spatula remember how I always liked a good spatula so much squawking what it was lovely seeing you again liya [ _ ] liar whoa you don’t remember me do you you’re [ _ ] fake I could see it I could see in your eyes I don’t even have a parrot that’s how I knew and Kari is called SIA and her I was counted out by her malicious brother Kevin there’s no film [ __ ] hell Colin I know we haven’t seen each other in ages but I thought you were friends least I try least I still make an effort because we are friends on Facebook Colin does that mean nothing in this day and age yeah of course dust my name is Nolan what my name’s Pete Pete yeah Peter now : nope Colin Harley Manchester but it’s like Waunakee together you just like my friend : Kenny spitting image but it was lovely meeting you paint Oh you

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