It’s late in the afternoon, and you decide that you want to invite your friend over for dinner, to celebrate your new apartment. The apartment itself was pretty- a simple place, nonetheless, but elegant in a simple way. But the look of the place had nothing to do with what was actually going on inside.

Boxes had been knocked over. Right after you put books on newly refurbished shelves, they seem to appear right back in the box from whence they first came. These little happenings have occurred throughout the week that you’ve lived in your home…

…but no matter. You’ve learned to ignore it. Meanwhile, you set the table in preparation for your guest, and when she finally rings the doorbell, you let her in and greet her with a smile. She sits down and you begin eating your home-cooked meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes and green beans with iced tea when suddenly you catch a glimpse of a dark shape moving in the mirror that sits on the far wall of the kitchen. You ignore it, as you’ve ignored everything else.

After a few minutes into the meal, your friend looks up and opens her mouth, as if she wished to say something, and then her face twists into a horrified expression as she lets out a scream of pure terror. Your eyes widen-it seems as if she’s looking right at you, and you wonder if something’s wrong with your appearance. You reach up to feel your face and are relieved to find that everything’s normal…or as it should be, anyway. Your friend’s expression continues to warp until you finally decide to look behind you—
And then, not an inch away from your face, a wide, reeking, sharp-toothed grin sets below a noseless hole with piercing black eye sockets as blood drips from every crevice in this creature’s face. Oddly, you don’t scream. You can’t. Panic has gripped you, and the being leans in and—

Your eyes snap open as you let out a yell. You wildly take in your surroundings. Your apartment. Boxes are around you. You’ve fallen asleep while preparing a meal, and then you hear the doorbell. You answer it. It’s your friend. She smiles and walks in and you both sit down to a nice meal of home-cooked roast beef, mashed potatoes, and green beans with iced tea, when she looks up and opens her mouth, as if to say something, and then her face twists into a horrified expression. She lets out a scream…

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