Did Boy Kill? He Killed Them All.

This is Part 5 and the last installment of the Did Boy Kill? series. You can read the previous installments in the linked tag.

They are dead.

They are all fucking dead; my husband, Tim, the Catholic and Voodoo priests, Dr. Hamani… everyone. And it’s my fault… and your fault. All you fucking Redditors. Snooping and prying and searching and meddling. I’ll say this; you all are a resourceful, twisted bunch. Everything from articles to incantations to recommendations for shrinks, priests and doctors flooded my PM box. Since I was desperate enough to try anything and everything I could read, I found myself trying to hide the mess. A bloody mess created by your need to meddle. And now these “friends” are all dead.

I can’t even be thankful for the one thing those incantations you all sent me did. They brought my son back to me. The only problem, the biggest of problems really, was that the real Timmy, Jr. WAS the problem. Come to find out, my son has a gift (or a curse depending which side of the coin on which you land). Turns out the reason my son’s body was possessed by those two murder victims was because he placed them there. Call him a demon, a reaper, a summoner… who cares anymore. All I know is that my son, my true son, isn’t what I remembered him to be… and perhaps he never was. Looking back, I should have known all along that he was evil reincarnate. It would have been better to have Nimer, Sr. and Bridget around.

There were signs: animal abuse, speaking in tongues (though I thought it was just kid gibberish), the cutting. And this was before the first possession. It’s not worth getting into the details anymore. It only excites you all further and that is all this was for you all. My family’s torture was just your entertainment. What in the Hell was I thinking coming to you people?

I’ll end this by just mentioning how amazingly creative a 4-year-old murderer can be (lock up your household chemicals and knife set). One would have to be “creative” to be able to pull victims within his own human form only to relive their murders again, decades after they happened. What kind of vile evil finds enjoyment from something like that? It is probably the same reason he kept me alive; for the torture of it. It’s probably why he picked that poor Bridget girl…the abuse and the torture…and the septic tank…it has left me no choice but to question my faith now. If there is a God, he will understand why I did what I did. He will know it was what needed to be done.

Redditors, cops, whoever reads this, please consider this my confession letter. While I did not kill everyone that is currently rotting in my basement, I am the one who killed the boy on the race car bed. And I’ll be the one lying on the floor next to him.



P.S. Mom and Dad, I am so sorry. Please forgive me and please believe me when I say that it was the only choice. I love you both so much.

Credit To – StupidDialUp

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