December 2015 Discussion Post: Unusual Fears & Yeti Heated Slippers Giveaway! – Contacting Winner

Share Your Unusual Fears

Happy December, everyone! Since submissions are closed, I thought it might be nice to have a discussion topic that will be – I hope – conducive to inspiring new pastas. Closed submission periods are intended not only to give me time to catch up on the backlog, but also to give you guys time to work on new stories without any “pressure” from the open period’s timeframe.

We’ve discussed our biggest fears before, but this month I want to put a little spin on that same topic.

What do you fear despite said fear making absolutely no sense?

I’m not talking about classic fears like being killed or looking into mirrors at night or the zombie apocalypse. I mean little things that most people wouldn’t consider scary, yet still give you a deep, true chill.

Here’s an example – this is my own, and yes, I know it’s very silly: When using Google Earth or any sort of constellation/night sky map program, if I zoom in too close and stray too far from any landmass (or mapped star), I get a really uneasy feeling. So zooming in and accidentally pausing somewhere isolated in the middle of the Pacific, or somewhere with no known/visible celestial objects – I get seriously creeped out and have to scramble my cursor back to the safety of known, mapped places/objects.

So yes, I get creeped out by maps! I expect it’s more the isolation and unknown (to me) territory that is truly affecting me, it’s just interesting that it manifests in such a silly way. I’m also sure this is why I’m so fond of submissions that deal with similar themes like exploration, deep-space travel, creepy sea beasts, and the like.

I hope you see what I’m going for with this question now that I’ve revealed my slightly embarrassing fear! I’d love to hear your own next; if you have any thoughts or analysis about why [insert mundane thing] unsettles you so much, please share that as well! It’s my hope that we both have a fun discussion as well as plant some seeds of inspiration for some new, unique creepypastas.

As the raffle period has expired, I am putting the contest portion of this post behind a cut.

Secondly! It’s that time again…

Creepypasta Holiday Raffle

This year’s Holiday giveaway was selected with all you cryptid fans in mind. Also, anyone who gets cold toes when they’re at the computer. If those demographics overlap, you’ll be very excited!

This month, I am giving away ONE pair of Yeti USB Heated Plush Footwarmers!

These are pretty much what they say on the tin. They’re plush, furry slippers styled to look like yeti feet. However, they come with a (detachable, so you don’t have to take them off when you get up to move from your computer) USB connection that, when plugged in, heat the slippers. So if you’re like me and live somewhere that gets quite cold in the winter, these slippers will help you warm up your feet while you’re working on your next pasta… or whatever else you do at the computer.

  • Here are the specs, courtesy of ThinkGeek:
  • Plug into your USB port and they get warm quickly
  • One size fits most adult feet (up to men’s size 12)
  • Materials: Cotton / polyester blend
  • Care Instructions: Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Imported
  • Cord length: 57″
  • Compatibility: Any USB-enabled device that can handle 5V, 3W with 1.5M USB line
  • Dimensions: Each slipper measures 5″ wide x 12″ long
  • Weight: 5 oz. each

You may enter the contest through this widget:

Rules & Legal Stuff:

The contest will run from December 3rd to midnight on December 31st. Note that you can repeat the Twitter entry once per day for more entries, however you must send the tweet with the link to this post included for it to be a valid entry! Seriously, guys, this applies to the other bonus entry methods: follow the rules, because I do actually, manually, really, truly double-check that the winner has done everything correctly before I contact them. Even if the RNG machine spits out your entry, if I look and see that you’ve somehow cheated, I’ll just disqualify your entry and pick a new winner. Cheating/lazy entries do nothing but waste your time and mine.
Please pay attention to the terms and conditions. For legal reasons, this giveaway is only open to legal residents of USA & Canada who are 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. No exceptions.

There are affiliate codes included in the links to the slippers. This means that if you visit ThinkGeek through my link and purchase anything, I’ll get paid back a tiny kickback which then gets funneled back into site expenses and funding more giveaways. Thanks to anyone who uses my affiliate links, I appreciate it!

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