Dark Truths to Cheer us up – Free Ebook

A lot of our problems come from living in
a culture

that forces us to laugh all the time.

That’s why it can be helpful to gather the
darkest truths in one place,

feel sad about them for a while,
then head out with a lighter heart, certain

that we have seen the worst life can throw
at us.

Here is a very small selection:

The only people we can think of as normal
are those we don’t yet know very well.

Social media has taught us a lot about people’s
deep minds;

faith in humanity is no longer an option.

We should consider ourselves extremely lucky
if we find three friends worthy of the title

in a lifetime.

Most people are ‘good’ not so much from
any intrinsic virtue – just a lack of opportunity

to be evil.

We spend most of our lives trying to impress
people we don’t even like.

There is no such thing as work-life balance:
anything compelling always unbalances your


Life is a process of replacing one anxiety
with another.

When it finally happens, happiness chiefly
feels worrying.

Most people can spot in 3 minutes faults in
our characters we’ll be lucky if we can

manage to identify in a lifetime.

Today it is bad, tomorrow it will be worse,
until the worst of all happens.

We can only love people on the basis that
we don’t know too much about what actually

goes on in their minds.

Every life is – in its own way – a tragedy.

‘Just be yourself’ is the worst advice
one can give most people.

Getting older is a version of looking tired
that no amount of sleep can overcome.

Even nice things are so much easier to enjoy
once they are safely over.

However sad death might be, it would take
a foolhardy adult to accept an offer magically

to return to being five in order to start
all over again.

There are still people labouring under the
unfortunate impression that the best way to

cheer someone up is to say something cheerful.

  • Let’s hope we have proved them wrong…

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