Creepy Woman

I live in what most people would consider to be a small town. It’s nothing like backcountry, but a small suburb. I work in the city which is about an hour commute from my house. In order to save gas, I bought a little old 250cc motorcycle that I use to ride to work and back. I usually start work in the afternoon and get off at around 11pm. This particular night, the boss needed a hand with some things so I got off closer to 2am. I didn’t mind staying later because of the overtime pay, but I will say I felt a little delirious from lack of sleep towards the end of my shift. After work, I stopped by my favorite restaurant to pick up some sandwiches for my girlfriend and I to eat the next day, then I was on my usual route home; but this time, I decided to make a a detour that I’d soon regret.
I always take the highway, then exit onto a surface street that leads me the quickest way home. Off of the highway exit, there is a much more desolate road that runs along the hills, and despite it being a bit out of the way, I decided to take it. I hadn’t been on that road since I was a child, but I had fond memories since I could recall fields with goats and horses. As I’d soon find, the road had changed very much from my memories.
As I drove along, I noticed that the once nice looking farm houses were now abandoned, looking run down and there were no animals that I could see. It was so dark that I could only see what my headlight illuminated. I realized that even as a kid, I had never driven through at night. A sign appeared at the side of the road that read ‘NO ENTRY’, and I could see the road ahead was really cracked and worn. The sign looked old and I knew there was a definite way through, so I continued onward. Besides, at this point I was terribly sleepy, and I was too far along to turn back now. I kept riding along at about 15mph, and out of the darkness, I saw her.
I crept up behind her as she walked in the middle of the road. I could already see from her hunched back that she was an old woman. As I got closer, she just kept walking, unknowing of my presence it seemed. As I got within 15 feet of her she quickly turned, and jumped looking startled. She looked as if she hadn’t noticed me until I was right beside her. I slowed the bike to a crawl and gave a polite wave as I passed.
“YOU CAN’T BE HERE!” she screamed over the rumbling of the engine.
I brought my bike to a halt and turned to look at her. I felt my adrenaline go up but strangely I felt far more groggy as well.
“YOU CAN’T BE HERE!” she repeated, but this time her voice was deeper and more hoarse, that sending a shiver down my spine.
As I gazed at her, I saw her face contort into what was beginning to resemble a dog, her eyes becoming darker and beadier. The hunch in her back was arching even more dramatically. I felt panic gripping me, yet I became even more groggy. My arms and legs felt as if I were trying to move them in my sleep. The last thing I remember was throttling the gas thrusting the bike fast forward. A large animal was running beside me; then everything turned black.
I woke up the next morning in my bed feeling sick as if hung over. I couldn’t remember how I’d gotten home and my bike was parked out front. I mentioned the story to my brother and girlfriend who both suggested that I must have dreamed it. I know that I hadn’t. I also can’t explain how the sandwiches I had just bought that night before were completely rotten. I haven’t felt like myself since.

CREDIT : Candy Lord

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