a lot about the school of life happens digitally on our YouTube channel on our app and on our website but every now and then we like to gather together physically on a big scale in order to meet face to face learn together and make new friends on the 20th of October we’re going to be hosting a large conference in one of the most stunning and inviting cities of Europe Lisbon in Portugal it’s going to be a conference about everything we care about emotional intelligence wisdom self understanding a grasp of relationships of work and of our higher purpose and meaning people will be coming to our conference from all over the world we’ll have lectures in the day great meals together tours around beautiful historic Lisbon and chats about pretty much everything that matters late into the night it’ll be a true chance to build globally minded community dedicated to learning kindness self exploration and wisdom the conference will last three days it’ll be led by our founder and creative lead and under bottle and we’ll feature our best teachers and our very best and most transformative ideas if you’re interested in coming to Portugal in October to meet us please click on the link on the screen now you’ll learn a lot and not least the weather should be beautiful and barmy we hope to see you there

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