How I loved camping as a kid! I loved running around through the forests, I loved airsoft wars with my brother and cousins, I loved quading, but most of all, I loved finding one special rock to take home from each trip. When I was about 14, there was a family wide camping trip that my parents, my brother, and I were attending. All of my cousin, aunts, and uncles would be there.

It was a two hour drive to our little camping area. It mainly consisted of a dirt paty, a little field that barely fit all of our tents and trailers, and a forest. We were the last ones there and as I got out of the car, my 12 year old cousin Madeleine greeted me. Maddi and I were very close as kids. I noticed there was a certain light in her eyes that I didn’t always see in her. She also was grasping something in her hand.

“Look! Look!” Maddi shouted in my face. “Auntie Dana and I just went for a walk and we found all these cool deer bones!”

She held the bone up to my face.

“C’mon! I’ll show ya where they are!” she yelled.

What an interesting thought! Instead of a special rock, I’d bring home a bone! I paced along after her down the dirt road.

After about thirty minutes of walking down the narrow dirt road, I began to think we were getting lost but Maddi insisted she knew where they were. I was getting hungry as it was nearing supper time and I hadn’t eaten since a couple hours before I left. I was also thirsty, sooo thirsty..

“Here!” Maddi announced.

There they were. Bones were scattered everywhere. I snapped a few pictures with my camera. I picked up about five that I wanted to take home. Maddi herself had already picked out two that were back in the tent we were going to share for the weekend. My stomach rumbled so without saying another word, I grabbed Maddi’s arm and began stumbling back to our tiny campsite.

That night left me feeling a little creeped out. Maddi was asleep beside me. I felt so vulnerable in a tent with my little cousin. I was scared that a pack of coyotes or a bear would show up and rip us to shreds while everyone else slept in their warm trailers. Suddenly, there was a scratching noise coming from outside the tent and the zipper unzipped from the outside. Maddi awoke with a jolt.

A women, obviously missing some body parts, crawled into the tent.

“Please,” she whispered, “I need my bones back.”

Credit To: li’l cuz n I

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