August ’13 Back-to-Ghoul Giveaway [Ended – Congrats Robin!]

This month, we’re beginning the first entry in what will hopefully be a very fun tradition!

I’ve been toying with the idea of running contests and giveaways for awhile, but I needed to find a good way to run said giveaways without making it a headache. I believe I’ve found that answer, as well as some fun stuff to raffle off, so it’s time to finally get this show on the road.

This particular giveaway will run from August 15th until August 31st – so you have fifteen days to get your entries in. Nothing hard is required, just some basic social media stuff: retweets, tumblr posts. I figure this way I can both have fun and give back to you guys as well as hopefully bring in some new blood via the word-of-mouth effect. The raffle service we’re using will select a winner after that time frame, and I will contact them within two days to get their shipping address. If I don’t receive a response from the winner within two days of contact, I will select a new winner – so make sure you use your correct email address and check your mail after the contest ends!

Because this is coming out of my own pocket, this is only open to US shipping addresses. I know that’s lame, but I really can’t afford international shipping at this point. Sorry, guys.

Anyhow, since many of you are heading back to school in September, can you all forgive me for titling this giveaway the horribly punny “Back-to-Ghoul” version of our monthly raffles? I couldn’t resist. Keeping up with that theme, I’ve selected a couple items to help you feel less like a mindless zombie while you’re back in the classroom and more like… a person pretending to be a zombie, I guess? I lost that metaphor along the way. We’ll say that it’s just because I’m excited about this contest!

ONE winner will receive the following items:

Zombie Blast Energy Shots

Can’t sleep – zombies will eat us. If you’re scared about getting eaten, the first monster you need to vanquish is the sleep zombie. Those are the things that sneak up on you and eat your consciousness (thus making you fall asleep). And just like you fire shotgun blasts at real zombies, so must you fire shotgun blasts at the sleep zombies. Stay awake forever with Zombie Blast Energy Shots. Zombie Blast Energy Shots come in awesome reusable shotgun shell bottles. Loaded with Wildberry flavor, Zombie Blast actually tastes great. It’s also loaded with caffeine (from guarana and yerba mate), ginseng, B vitamins, amino acids, other good stuff, and Cognizin! Cognizin is an easily absorbable (and useable) form of citicoline (an essential happy brain nutrient). With Zombie Blast Energy Shots, you’ll be able to stay awake for wave after wave of zombie attacks. Or, you know, like a normal work or school day or something.

Plush Zombie Hat

Ever have a feeling that your brain is empty? You’re sitting at your desk, staring at your monitor. Your hand is moving, you’re clicking on things, you’ve been to a bunch of websites, but you don’t remember what you’ve done. Did you eat dinner? When was the last time you saw the sun? Oh dear… Maybe it’s because there’s a zombie chewing on your head. The Plush Zombie Hat is a soft beanie that will warm your noggin while looking quite stylish. If you consider having one of the walking dead munching on your head to be stylish, that is. ThinkGeek is not responsible if wearing the Plush Zombie Hat leads to loss of neural pathways. Product Specifications: Plush zombie hat is cozy and stylish Looks like a zombie that’s sucking on your brains. Don’t be unreasonable, he won’t eat your eyes. May or may not actually eat your brains. One size fits most adults.

Here are the rules – pay attention!

IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE RULES, YOUR ENTRY WILL BE DELETED. This is important. The entries are all being moderated by hand, so if you attempt to cheat or simply disregard the rules, you will lose your chance at the prizes.

Note that multiple entries from one IP and/or multiple entries using the same tweet/tumblr post will result in all those entries being removed. Play fair, kids.

For the twitter option, you MUST include a link to this post as well as a short description/promo for the contest in your tweet. The widget will auto-generate a handy tweet that works for this purpose, but you may create your own as long as the link and explanation of the contest are included. A tweet that includes no links to this post will NOT count, and a tweet that is only a link and nothing else will NOT count. When submitting your entry, put link to the tweet itself, not your twitter account. I don’t want to have to go through 15 days of tweets to find the contest entry one. If your twitter is protected, please follow @creepypastacom and allow me to view your tweets – otherwise I won’t be able to confirm your entry.

For the tumblr one, you must include a link to this post as well as a short summary/promo for this contest in your tumblr post. During contest entry, link to the specific tumblr post – if you link to your dashboard, it does not count as I cannot see your dash! If you link just to your main tumblr account, this will also not count – I will not go through weeks of posts just to find your entry. As before, tumblr posts without a link to this post and a description of the contest WILL NOT COUNT.

If you link to a post or tweet and it comes up not fount, obviously that entry will be removed.

So, are you ready to enter? You just need to use this little widget. Only one option is necessary to enter, but doing both will net you additional entries in the raffle!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone!

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