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hello everybody I’m dynamic welcome to this extra special event with an extra special guest Arianna Huffington she’s obviously a woman who needs no introduction but her name is synonymous with success and she’s living proof that hard graft and dedication really can lead to jaw-dropping achievement the woman behind the hugely successful Huffington Post is not just an author of 14 books I’ve written one and that took more than enough out of me she sits on numerous boards and is also frequently cited as one of the world’s most powerful and influential people she has now turned her hand to something that resonates very deeply with a school of life work-life balance what a truly successful life looks like and the benefits of living a more emotionally healthy life tonight is going to tell you about her third metric the third leg in the stool of success when the school of life heard that she was coming to the UK we knew that we had to have her one of our events for those of you who are new to the school of life it’s devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the study of culture there were what we I call a clever self help we have classes and special events which deal with everyday themes like love works and our social and leisure lives the central hog fan shop and venue for many of our classes and in marchment streets who do pop down if you get a chance the speed with which this event sold out on our website tells you as much of other popularity of Arianna the philosophy behind our third metric as well as the relevance of the School of Life ethos living a more fulfilling life has moved far out of the margins and right bang into the mainstream it’s very much what I think is a zeitgeist think and not a moment too soon I say so ladies and gentlemen please welcome on stage one of the world’s most unique and truly successful figures Arianna Huffington thank you so much this was definitely the best introduction I have ever had she didn’t tell us about her mini wake-up call that she writes beautifully about today in on The Huffington Post this very very quickly I kind of loved it because it shows what our brains can do she was shopping with her son and her mother it wasn’t really going very well you know kind of nobody particularly wanted to be there and suddenly her mother says where’s your bag and you panic and the description of the panic is absolutely wonderful I don’t want to take anything away from you reading it because suddenly you said you’d been in war zones you’ve been in prisons but you had not felt this fight-or-flight fear of losing your handbag and you run out of the shop trying to find the thief who had run away with your bag and there was nobody there and then you come back and your mother says maybe you left it in the car and that’s where the bag was and that’s yeah I love how your son described it to his dad which his mom went out of the shop running after an imaginary thief with stuff where it’s stolen her imaginary bag and had run away in an imaginary car so my wake-up call came seven years ago when I collapsed from exhaustion burnout and sleep deprivation broke my cheekbone got four stitches on my right eye and as I came to in my own pool of blood I asked a lot of the questions that you are asking here at this school that we often stop asking after we leave college questions like what is a good life and what is success and while by conventional definitions of success are successful by any sane definition of success if you come to in a pool of blood of your own and operating a shot you you are not so I started reading and studying philosophy science trying to piece together what was happening not just in my world but in our world and I had always loved philosophy I had remembered you know what the Greek philosophers had taught us about studying three things what do we need to know how do we govern the city and what is a good life and gradually in the last two centuries the question what is a good life was abandoned and we defined a good life with a successful life and we shrunk success down to this two metrics of power and money which is really like shrinking the whole realm of human possibility down to our to-do lists and so that’s when I came up with this idea of the third metric because the two metrics are like the two legs of the stool you cannot sit on that stool for too long without falling over it’s not sustainable the third metric consists of these four pillars and each one of them is a section in the book first of all our well-being second wisdom how do we tap into our own wisdom third Wonder and Alain de Botton writes a lot about wonder I love all that how do we bring it into our lives through art through nature through being awake through not multitasking and the fourth one is giving how do we create a culture that celebrates not just go Gators but go givers and I wanted very much the book to be a bridge between knowing what you should be doing and actually doing it and so as well as having 45 pages of scientific and endnotes because I feel it’s extraordinary that modern science now is fully validating ancient wisdom I wanted to have all these practical steps so it’s chapter ends with very with very small baby steps that each runners can take right now to begin to bring about this incremental changes and I’m sure a lot of you are already doing a lot of that for me just very quickly to go through three little steps and then we’ll start a conversation for me the first step was sleep I know it’s dismissed especially by men as completely unnecessary I had dinner with a guy recently who brought that he had only gotten four hours sleep the night before and I thought to myself but I didn’t say it you know what if you had gotten five this dinner would have been a lot more interesting and the science now is incontrovertible in fact I told a graduating class that I gave a commencement to it Smith a graduating class of women I told them that my advice to them is to sleep their way to the top and the fact that now is seen as a miracle drug by science you know improving our health our mental clarity our joy shows how far our culture has gone from what is true the second step has to do with their relationship with technology we have become addicted which is why I chose 12 steps and and our addiction to technology is something which we really need to cure ourselves from otherwise technology is truly becoming our master and a very simple step is at the end of each day to pick just one particular time it may change from day to day when you take all your devices you turn them off and then you gently escort them out of your bedroom because that’s the time if no other time to reconnect with yourself and have a transition from your day life to your recharging renewing time I remember being in laksa a few years ago and going to the sleeping chambers of the Luxor Temple and realizing what a ritual sleep was it was a time to actually let go of the day and allow other wisdom and and and other deeper understanding to come into your life what we do in modern life largely is just we crush and then the alarm wakes us up and we – immediately to our smartphone lest we miss anything during the night and just one more step which doesn’t have to do with our bodies but it has a lot to do with their minds and our souls and this is at the end of each day find something that no longer serves you and drop it it can be a grudge resentment something you’re angry about or it could be a project that you’re not really going to invest time and energy into one project I recently gave up is skiing learning to become a good skier I decided you know what I was not really going to become a good skier South it was very liberating to realize that you can actually complete the project by dropping it so a skiing is done for me I actually when my daughter’s going to go skiing guys I can sit by the fire drink hot chocolate and read a good book so let me wrap this up by saying that if were like you who have 30,000 days to play the game of life and how we play it depends on what we value and if we primarily value this to first matrix who are never going to have enough because there is always somebody who has more and as the Army on headline puts it death rate holds steady at 100% and those of you who are studying philosophy know that the Greeks like Socrates urged us to practice death daily and the Romans used to carve mmm memento mori memento mori on statues and trees not out of a sense of being morbid but out of a sense of wanting to put life and everything that happened to us including losing an imaginary bag in perspective so if you’ve been to a memorial recently you know that eulogies have nothing to do with their resumes you’ve never heard anybody during a eulogy say something like George was amazing he increased market share by 1/3 so every religion and many scientists have really said the same thing that we all have been as a place of wisdom strength and peace and it is as close to us as our next breath if we only take a little time to cultivate what in modern life has become for most of us a deserted garden so as Archimedes the Greek mathematician put it give me a place to stand and I can move the world so thrive is a really a book to help us chart a pathway to that place and from that place leave our lives according to our own definition of success with more compassion more gratitude more peace more joy and yes more sleep thank you

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