Are You Difficult to Love – Free Ebook

The idea that one is in many ways an extremely
difficult person to be in a relationship with

may sound rather improbable and even at points
offensive. Yet fully understanding and readily

and graciously admitting to this possibility
might be the surest way of making sure one

is an endurable proposition over the long-term.
There are few people more deeply insufferable

than those who don’t, at regular intervals,
suspect they might be so. We are, all of us,

invariably, hugely tricky propositions. We
don’t need to know anyone in particular

to know this about everyone. We have all – in
some way or another – been inadequately

parented, we have a panoply of unfortunate
psychological traits, we are beset by bad

habits, we are anxious, jealous, ill-tempered
and vain. We are bringing an awesome amount

of trouble into someone else’s life by agreeing
to be their partner. We tend to be shielded

from this unwelcome news prior to a big relationship
through a mixture of sentimentality and neglect.

Our parents loved us too much to tell us;
our friends don’t want to get bogged down

in detailed critiques of our personalities;
a pleasant occasional meal is all they want

from us. And our exes were too keen to escape
from us to offer up a helpfully detailed critique

of our personalities. They simply told us
they needed a little more space – or needed

to take a long trip to India. Furthermore,
when we’re on our own, we just don’t notice

how annoying we might well be in the eyes
of others. Perhaps we were in a sulk for the

whole of a Sunday, but no-one was there to
be driven crazy by our self-pity and our passive

fury. We may have tendencies to use our work
as an escape from intimacy, but so long as

we are not permanently with someone, we can
pass off our eccentric hours without comment.

Our peculiar eating habits won’t be real
until there is another person across the table

to register our challenging chewing sounds
and ingredient combinations. Eventually, a

partner will call us out on these traits.
It feels like a horrible personal attack which

a nicer person would not put us through. But
it is no such thing. It is an inevitable response

to our failings – which anyone would need
eventually to bring up. Our partner is not

really doing anything odd. They are merely
holding up a mirror. Everyone, seen close

up, has an appalling amount wrong with their
character. It’s not us – it’s the human

condition. The specifics vary hugely, of course;
people are nightmarish in different ways.

But the basic point is to share. Whatever
we think or feel about ourselves, we will

be revealed as sorely defective upon close-up,
prolonged inspection. Sadly, it’s not that

our partner is being too critical or unusually
demanding. They are the bearer of an inevitable

news: that we are a nightmare.

Being asked to acknowledge ones flaws isn’t a request to admit somthing very strange.

What would be strange would be to think that one was without major defects.

Of course we have some delightfull qualities as well, but it does mean that we are unavoidably going to be very hard for another person to live around.

We need therefore to ask ourselves In as candid a manner as as we can manage what

specifically might be slightly crazey or desperate or undeveloped in our characters.

Maturity involves having quite a detailed answer to the following question, “How are you difficult to live with.”

A presumption of ones own innocence is at the heart of self rightousness and cruelty.

Because our minds may go blank at this point and remember

only our tender and beautiful sides, we can
lean on a set of prompts

For example when i’m annoyed I have a tendency to…

When I feel hurt I…

Around money I can be a bit difficult because…

I guess I worry really quite a lot about …

I suppose I might be a bit of a handful around sex because…

The point of prompting greater awareness of our questionable patterns of behavour isn’t to feel guilty

or ashamed about them. Just to see how easily they can be confusing, disturbing and annoying to another person.

We need before we commit ourselves to a relationships to get fully aquainted with all the ways in which we are going to be a serious challange to live around.

Our Relationships Reboot cards inspire conversations that can help to re-kindle love between you and your partner.

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