April 2013 Discussion Post: Let’s Talk About Zombies!

This month’s discussion post is a two-parter. Yours truly has been reading World War Z (rereading, to be honest – it’s one of those books that I find easy to pick up over and over again for some reason), and now I’d like to hear everybody’s thoughts on the undead.

First part: Do you believe that there is, in fact, any chance that a “zombie apocalypse” could ever happen? Why or why not? What do you think would be the cause – or, conversely, what do you think prevents this from ever actually occurring?

Second part: In the event that the big Z-Day actually did occur, how would you react? What would be your survival plan?

NOTE: Long-ish comments will be allowed, but as before, if they veer too close to the point where it seems like you’re actually trying to stealth-submit a pasta, they will not be approved. Submissions will be open starting April 6, so if this topic has given you inspiration, please submit your pastas through the proper channel!

Have fun, and don’t get eaten!

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