Amsterdam The School of Life – Free Ebook

My name is Alain de Botton. I’m a writer. And in 2008 I founded ‘The School of Life’ in London. ‘The School of Life’ is a place in Amsterdam where you can come to find a community that can help you understand and discuss big questions literally about the meaning of life. When you come to ‘The School of Life’, it’s about you and the teacher or instructor. It’s not… We don’t have all the answers. Some answers are within you. And we invite people to have a dialogue with us. It’s fascinating. You will leave an experience at ‘The School of Life’ full of ideas. If you want, we sell ideas, good ideas about how to live. The Dutch are very interested in the questions that are central to ‘The school of life’. Topics like: starting a family, finding a job you enjoy, developing friendships, how to get along with colleagues and friends. All this is what ‘The School of Life’ does. We teach emotional intelligence. How: stay calm; realize your own potential; do you find a balance between work and private life; develop your creativity; you have better conversations; become a better friend; find a job you love; can you make a difference; worry less about money

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