Amelia had just turned out her bedroom light and laid her head on her soft goose feather pillow. It was three in the morning and she had gotten lost in her writing. Amelia was a 24 year old real estate agent who lived by herself in a small one bedroom house in southern New Jersey. She had been working on a novel about a serial killer for the past 8 months. When she got to thinking, her ideas would pretty much write themselves and she would often lose track of the time.

She had closed her eyes and began to drift off to sleep, when she heard a light tap at her bedroom window. She got up to check outside for a clue as to what the noise could have been, but when she looked outside, she saw nothing of interest and dismissed the sound as a mixture of paranoia and lack of sleep.
As she lay back on to her bed and started to close her eyes, she heard the tapping noise again. This time, she ignored it and closed her eyes but a few moments later she heard the noise again, only louder. Amelia jumped at the sound of the obnoxious tapping, leaped out of bed, and ran to the window to see what it was. Again, she had seen nothing and chills ran down her spine. She thought she might be going crazy but checked the locks on her windows throughout the house just to be safe.

She started at the two windows in her bedroom, continuing on to the kitchen and to the sitting room and finally ending in her bathroom. After she made sure all the windows were secure, she made her way back to her bedroom only to find a startling discovery. Her bedroom window had somehow opened a cool night breeze was blowing her curtains in an eerie manner. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end and her stomach sunk as a thousand horrific ideas ran through her mind.

Amelia was frozen in the doorway, and she couldn’t get the idea of someone being in her house out of her mind. Not knowing how to react to the situation at hand, she stood completely still, unable to move. After ten minutes of utter fear and panic, she began to relax and started to think rationally. She figured maybe she had left it open on accident, that it was late and silly mistakes like that were typical behavior for her.
Amelia closed and locked the open window, went to the kitchen, grabbed the biggest knife she could find, and began to search the house. She had searched the closets, checked behind her shower curtain, and even in the kitchen cabinets, just to be safe. Making her way back to her room, still clutching the knife tightly in her hand. As she cautiously entered her bedroom, and she gave it another thorough search, checking the closets, under her bed, and being sure to check that the windows were still locked.

Laying the knife on her night stand, she warily crawled into her bed, replaying the events that had just taken place over and over again in her mind. She had mustered up the courage to close her eyes and try to sleep, when the knife she had placed next to her bed suddenly flew across the room and stuck into the wall. That was all she needed to see as she hastily grabbed her car keys and made a sprint towards her front door. As she made it out of her room and around the corner of her hallway heading towards the sitting room, something had knocked her flat on her back.

As she tried to collect herself and recover from the bump on her head, all while trying to process what had just occured, she found herself being slowly drug back towards her bedroom. Amelia was grabbing desperately at the wall and floor, trying to get a grip on to something so she could get away, but she was pulled back into her bedroom. The invisible force had thrown her onto her bed and the door slammed shut. She ran to it, trying to force it open with all her might but the knob wouldn’t budge. She ran to her windows, but they wouldn’t unlock. She tried to scream and make as much noise as she could hoping a neighbor would hear her and come to check on her.

She couldn’t accept that this was happening, she wouldn’t let herself believe it. She tried to convince herself that it was a horrible dream and that it was time to wake up. but she couldn’t, and immense fear had washed over her entire body. The room grew cold and Amelia began hearing whispers. Amelia was consumed by immense fear and horror and tried with all her will power to scream again, but no sounds came out.

Shaking with terror, she had laid on her bed and covered her ears, hoping everything would go away but the whispers began to grow louder. It went from whispers to indisguishible mumbling, to clear but unintelligible speach to sporadic laughter. Her blood ran cold as she felt a pair of ice cold invisible hands wrap themselves aroung her neck.

She could not see the assailant, but could feel it’s presence and icy breath on her face as it tightened it’s grip around her throat and began to drain the life from Amalia. The laughing grew louder as the grip grew tighter and she could feel her life slipping away. Eyes rolling back, her world became dark as she was consumed by the nothingness of death. Everything was dark and Amelia was free from this nightmare at last.

The next day, Amelia had awoke, not really sure what had happened the night before. As she made her way to the bathroom, she had dismissed last nights events as an extremely vivid nightmare. Looking into the mirror preparing to brush her teeth as she did every moring, large blue and purple hand prints were etched into her neck. The fear she had experienced from the night before had returned and she began to panic, remembering every detail that had taken place the previous evening. Before she had time to think, words had begun to appear on her bathroom mirror in a scarlet colored liquid she could only assume was blood. Tears started to roll down her face as she read the words that had seemed the write themselves. “Your life is mine”

Credit To: Ryan Miller

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