Altera militiae in anti christe

Ever since I was young, I’ve been having this recurring nightmare. In it, I’m standing in a dark room, in the middle of a large circle with the symbol of an upside down star in it. A pentagram. The symbol of the devil. I look around confused, as I have no idea how I got there and realize all I wear is my boxers.

I see candles, skulls, but most of all, I see several people standing around me. All of them wear a hooded robe that covers their face.

As the dream continues they all lift their arms, and mutter various incantations which I don’t understand.

At the end of the dream, the tallest hooded figure, who I guess is their leader, walks toward me. Immobolized by fear, I watch as he comes closer. Closer. Closer. Until he is but a few inches from my body.

I hesitate as he pulls out a rather large ceremonial knife. Just when I think he’s about to stab me, he merely pricks his index finger with the tip of the knife, and proceeds to draw another pentagram on my chest with his blood.

And just as I am about to wake up, he whispers in a cold, raspy voice “Altera militiae in anti christe.” To this day, I have never found out the meaning of the dream.

Because of this nightmare, I’ve been sent to a counselor numerous times, and have even been sent to my local priest, but nothing has been concluded as to what is causing it. All I can do is try to ignore it.

A couple of weeks have passed since I had the dream last. I start to think, “Maybe it’s finally stopped.” Until today.

I was browsing Youtube for scary videos. I searched for just about anything. Ghosts, aliens, cryptids. Anything that could give me a good scare.

I had gotten to a point when I was just clicking on videos in the sidebar. When I saw one that nearly stopped my heart. It was titled, “Altera militiae in anti christe.”

I recognized the title instantly. How could I not? I began to contemplate if I should watch it or not. I pondered this for a good ten minutes before I had finally come to the conclusion to watch it. And as I waited for the video to load, a thought popped into my head. I quickly denied the thought and proceeded to watch the video.

Within the first second, I recognized it. The thought that I just denied could ever happen or would ever happen, happened. The video was an exact recreation of my dream.

I watched in horror as saw my dream unfold once again. Everything was there. The candles, the skulls, the hooded figures, and even me. I kept watching until I had finally gotten to the part that’s haunted me all these years.

I watch, once again, as the tallest hooded figure approaches me, stabs his finger, draws a pentagram on my chest, and whispers those dreaded words, “Altera militiae in anti christe.” His voice was exactly the same as in my dream. It gave me chills.

But as I thought the video would end, it continued as the tall man retreated to his previous position. He then grabs a book off an altar and begins to recite an incantation out of it. As he reads, I see myself slowly collapsing until I am on my knees and grasping my chest.

I am horrified as I watch myself scream with antagonizing pain. Just when I’m about to close the video and back away from my computer, I see it. I see the most horrifying thing I have ever seen in my life. I watch my spasmodic body turn lifeless as a demonlike figure bursts out of my chest. And just like that, the video ends.

I sit there, frozen. So that’s how my dream ends, or is supposed to end. My mind is struck with fear. I pull my trashcan in close as I vomit into it. I sit, staring at my computer screen, trying to make sense out of a million things. I’m not sure how much time passed before I moved. Minutes? Hours? I’m not sure.

But there was only one thing I made sure I did imediately. I pulled up a translation website and chose to convert Latin into English. I hesitated as I slowly typed in “Altera militiae in anti christe.” I couldn’t believe the words came up on my screen. My eyes almost burst out of their sockets when I saw that the most accurate translation it could give was: “The next host for the anti-christ.”

Credit To: Brady

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