The hallway was dark, just like all the other hallways she had staggered down. Unreasoning fear filled her mind as she ran. Gasping and crying she leaned against the wall trying to remember which way she had come from. But, the truth was, her flight had been so frantic that she had lost sense of direction long ago. For all she knew she had been running through the same few hallways in a gigantic circle.

The sound of metal scraping behind her renwed her panicked flight. Her hands grapsed the smooth walls trying to find something, anything, that would guide her, or at the very least that she could rip off to use as a weapon. But there was nothing. In fact the only thing she felt occasionally was nothing when another hallway branched off from the one she was in.

Finally, she ran full tilt into a wall. She would have seen spots in front of her eyes, she supposed, if it wasn’t so dark. She turned, ready to run back the way she had come. But the metallic scraping was close now and she knew her escape was cut off.

“Why?” she screamed into the blackness.

“Because,” a voice whispered back. “Because we are destined to be together, forever.”

Fear forgotten and rage replacing it, she dashed forward, shoulder down, determined not to die crying in the corner. Her shoulder connected with her assailant and they fell in a tumble. But even as they did, her hands clawed and slashing around her, she felt something sharp dig into her chest, once, twice, three times. Shuddering she closed her eyes, feeling something blacker than the darkness envelop her, a sense of relief filling her. At least it was over.

She woke with a start and a hand on her chest. She shook her head slowly. A bad dream of some sort? She couldn’t remember, and the details were fading. Looking around she saw stairs leading into darkness next to her. As she stood up to look down them she heard the sound of something metal being scraped on the hall behind her. Unreasoning fear filling her mind, she plunged into the blackness below, the smooth walls her only guide.

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