A Working Day Taxi Driver, Istanbul – Free Ebook

when I start driving I am 18 years old but six years before wash to taxi and this I start 14 15 years a minibus driver and after start taxi driver when I am the wake up I can eat something breakfast and after start the car go to hotel taxi station and of course when we go there although foreigner going outside and getting taxi you have so much time spend this traffic with this guest and you can start where are you from when did you come and some conversation and I say to them I am learning presumptive and ottoman if you don’t mind I tell you about city look website Greek cemetery and right side Islamic Turkish all cemetery yes one Street they block damages taxi driver what’s the taxi driver should be doing what is the for example when they finish chemical or engineer go to studying up and up what’s the taxi driver do it is such a important city Istanbul is the open-air museum why not you buy some book and learning history and after second third book and now more than 200 this is the pleasure I’d learn I share my experience hello I’m a best taxi driver excuse me you look tired you need taxi really but you look tired but I take you free excuse me I take you free I go Blue Mosque around but free everybody walk along thank you how can I do you success your job you are a best taxi driver you spent so much time to learn culture and people what about my ex-wife couldn’t handle my job because she wants to be herself but I want to be open mind to meet people after we understand we not fit each other because I am always outside always learning and she say enough is enough and 2001 with the words I have a 4 kids 3 daughter and one son I mean something damaged something you win something you lost and the life is like that now his son is free if you do it computer if you read ottoman book you do it what you want if I don’t do it this job I couldn’t fit another job and I mean when I’m you are positive when you give the energy with to your job if you are the smile like a like a theatre you are an act and every day you are knocking the curtain and you show and you do it like Orchestra chef if you are the positive you will be always I mean enjoying the day and the your guests enjoy but depends you how do you feel and your job you never boring it doesn’t matter traffic is crowded because inside that mysterious shiny so nice because you make that atmosphere if you like our films take a look at our shop the School of Life comm forward slash shop you’ll find lots of thoughtful books games stationery and more you

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