A Working Day Dressmaker, Ghana – Free Ebook

my name is Juliana naughty I have two children a boy and a girl they’re adopted actually we lived together with my grandma in my aunt’s in a craft a capital of Ghana I think it’s interesting to live here just a bit crowded very busy in terms of traffic lots of houses can say this is where most of the action is I worked as a seamstress I did a three-year force in tailoring and I’m I started this is my first shop I’ve been here since 2010 I leave home by 8:30 I get here first I open up I prepare the police cut a few things for the day and yeah I get started I used to employ three people but now I employ two because of a few challenges that I I had was a year we’ve been experiencing power outages we we used to go of 24 hours 24 hours no electricity and you have 12 hours and it could be day or night so if it’s in the night means the whole day there’s no production I was not able to meet a lot of customer demands keep postponing and it’s not good for business I’m quite optimistic about the future of Ghana and out one day like to see Ghana like South Africa yes I think there are still good people here how big things with maybe you can all do it together wake from Monday to Friday but I don’t have any engagements I still come to a competitive if I’m really really really pressed I work on Sundays everything I’ve had a holiday Karuna had a holiday in ages I normally so for individual the individuals bring their own fabric I only have to get buttons and I get zips and this can take a whole day to make this outfit other skates are not money long it’s quite a huge person in the next 12 months one thing that my heart really desires is to have my own label and it’s just so children’s clothing and be selling them final product imagine it you realize at the end of the day have I’ve done a very good job is a person satisfied that’s that’s when you are yeah you know that you come out with something nice something good that’s that’s what I’ve always wanted to do you

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