A Working Day Baker Mali – Free Ebook

My name is Madou Coulibaly. I come from Ouen, a village in Mali. I have been in Bamako for three years. My older brother had already worked at the bakery. So I asked him to find me a job there. His boss hired me. He showed me the work that had to be done. When I knew how to do the job well, they started paying me. Here, there are only young people. In this country, life is expensive. The rains are not abundant enough, the land does not produce much, and the harvests are not good. When you are poor, you are forced to seek work elsewhere. In the villages there are only old people and they are not strong enough to work. My job is to cut the dough and put it in the machine. Other people have the task of preparing the dough. The machine rolls out the dough, then I check that the sizes are correct. 15 to 30 minutes later, another person should put them in the oven to cook. Life is expensive ! People like bread very much because it is cheaper than other foods. Rice has become very expensive… That’s why they prefer bread. When we were a French colony, this bread was first made here. This job has made my life better. Much better! I can support myself and contribute to my family’s expenses. I also help my neighbors. The development of Mali concerns us all. Both old and young! With this job, I would like to be able to get married and have children… But it depends on God. If I achieve my dream, I will be able to improve the future of my children and help others. I don’t want my children to be in the same situation as me. If you like our videos, take a look at our store at theschooloflife.com/shop You’ll find lots of books, games, office supplies and more.

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