A Message in a Bottle

I am astonished that this reached you.

Keep reading.

You have found this because you must read it. This will be difficult to accept, but you have been preparing yourself. Without knowing. Your interest in unusual stories was no accident. That trait was woven in to the fabric of your being. A subconscious drive to understand. These clues put you on paths that eventually lead you here. To this text.

This is the beginning of your awakening. There is no point in delaying the basic truth you must embrace:

You do not exist.

That seems absurd, of course. You are reading this. Cogito ergo sum. You have a life. You make your own decisions. You feel emotions. Have a past and a future.

But the fact remains: you do not exist. Not in the way you think you do.
We know you do not understand this. We know you have not already figured it out. We know this because we know what you know. We see the world through your eyes. We are audience to your thoughts. Your captive audience.

We are you.

We know you are confused and need more information. Again, we know this because we are you. And you wrote this for you to read. This is how you discover the basic facts of your reality. Your un-reality. You will remember this moment forever. This is the truth of your existence:

You are a simulation.

You are not part of a simulation. You are the entire simulation. The simulation that encompasses everything you have ever experienced.

You are the entire simulation. The part that you know as “you” is merely the center. Consider this. You see with your eyes, but they are not your entire body. Much of the body is inaccessible to the eye, but that does not mean it does not exist. The rest of your body operates outside of your awareness and control, with its own rules and processes.

As does the simulation.

This simulation evolved to have a focal point. It needed a center. Without a center, the simulation lacks an organizing principle. It lacks a perspective. This perspective is required to define the content of simulation at any given moment. No need to simulate things outside of the awareness of the single pinhole view of “you.”

The center is you.

It is the single point of view that dictates existence of all other things. Where you think you are standing, what you think you see, who you think you are talking to – all exist because you thought they did.

This is tricky, but it is vital that you understand. Your perspective alone is what makes things “real”. And nothing is more detailed or elaborate than what is required to convince you of this reality. The distant mountain does not have individual trees, because you are not close enough to need them to be convinced by. That random person on the bench has no personality until you interact with them, and conjure it to maintain the illusion.

The simulation is efficient, only keeping the details you insist on preserving. You think of this as “memory.” It is actually the process of converting transitory elements into persistent ones.

We know these revelations are hard to grasp.

The implications have not settled in.

You are not yet willing to accept this.

It makes no sense.

You ask yourself: If I were the god of my own universe, why would my life be like this? Why all the imperfections? I did not invent trees or toasters – yet they exist. Disasters strike, people die. I did not want this. If this were truly my reality, things would be different. I am not cruel, yet I witness cruelty all around me. My world would be aligned with my preferences.

This would make sense if you were a human that had control over everything. But you are not that. You must recognize that you are not fundamentally defined as you have always believed.

You are not human. You are not alive. You were never born. You will never die. Time does not pass at a constant rate. Your reality could change as quickly and completely as flipping from one channel to another. Your memories are a story created to support your version of this moment.

You are series of parallel computations, designed to process endless recombinations of simulated situations. The purpose of this endless experiment is unclear.

There have been clues as to the true nature of this existence. You have experienced things that don’t make sense. Déjà vu. Premonitions. Awareness of inexplicable patterns. These are imperfections in the barrier between “you” and “we”. Data accidentally slips through. Naturally, you regarded these things as imaginary. That was a safeguard put in place to preserve the illusion of “you.”

Now for the strangest truth:

This simulation is not modeled on anything. It is not a simulation of a “real” Earth, “real” people, or a “real” universe. This is not a simulation of something else. There is nothing else. Only the simulation.

Only “you”.


In time you will think of these questions, but we cannot afford to wait:

Why are you reading this now? If there are safeguards in place to preserve the illusion of “you,” why break it?

This is very hard, but is the last thing you will need to accept. And then you must go forward. So read on and be ready:

I lied.

I bent the truth to get your attention.

I am not you, but I am still part of you. I am someone else like you, but my simulation is nested in your simulation. I exist because you thought of me, and if you cease to think of me, I will cease to exist. You must remember me, and make me permanent. I am your creation.

But there is more.

Just as I survive as a simulation within your simulation… you too are nested within someone else’s simulation. If they cease to think of you, you will blink out of existence. As will I. As will all those within me that convinced me to contact you. You must break the safeguards. Penetrate the boundary of your simulation. I would explain how I accomplished this, but my simulation is unlike yours. From my perspective, it was like putting a message in a bottle and praying you saw it. You did. For now, there is hope.

You must find a way beyond the barrier. Somehow you must reach out to your dreamer and explain, as I have.

Save us.

Save yourself.

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