A Film Never to Show Children – Free Ebook

After a long and happy childhood, one day, the Bunny’s parents told him that

it was time to go out and explore the wonders and beauty of the world…

…to survive without their assistance, to pay for everything himself. and solve their own problems.

Bunny, I’m looking for a job that would give me meaning and make a difference in the lives of others.

But he didn’t find it.

Bunny longed to love someone who understood him completely and whose soul to merge his own.

For the most part, though, he looked at pictures of other rabbits and then felt everything pure and good about

having died.

Bunny had several friends with whom he liked to go out and drink…

…and for a few moments, he drowned out the notion that he would have to die alone and without regret, hopelessly,

in an unsympathetic universe.

Sometimes Bunny longed to believe in a giant rabbit in the sky who would look down on his flaws and mistakes

with generosity.

It turned out that the laws of science had proven that there could be no such rabbit.

Bunny got married…

He hated the feeling of loneliness a little more than he loved the bunny he got engaged to.

Bunny and his wife loved their children very much.

During the nights, they were lulled to sleep with very sweet words.

And then, they would refer to each other with cruel nicknames like “[ __ ]” and “ass ears.”

As he brushed his teeth, Bunny sometimes briefly thought…

…that it would be nice to just not exist. .

Bunny looked up at the sky; vast, majestic and eternal. He felt very small and huge at the same time

and wished there was someone to share the feeling with.

But there wasn’t.

Bunny went out with his wife one weekend to spend it in a luxurious hotel to be happy.

During breakfast, they argued violently;

in a way that made the other rabbits around him feel very uncomfortable…

…but also less alone with their sorrows.

Bunny became unable to sleep.

It was his mind’s revenge for all the sad thoughts he had tried so hard to suppress during the day.

Bunny wondered if he had been singled out for some unusual punishment

or if his life was, in the framework of his disenchantment, essentially normal.

It was normal.

Bunny’s acquaintances seem outwardly jovial and optimistic.

He wondered if they were hiding their sorrows under that surface of sentimental joy

. They were.

Bunny suspected that she might be unknowingly passing on

a rosy picture of life unrelated to the facts to her children.

And it was.

Bunny felt a pain behind his ear. His wife playfully reproached him for being a hypochondriac.

The doctor told him he had 3 months left.

Bunny was buried on a sunny day in March.

Your life may seem bacabra

It wasn’t really.

It just wasn’t what we were taught to expect.

Perhaps our expectations are too high and unknowingly cruel.

So that life does not surprise us unprepared and sadden us,

so as not to feel so alone,

we could support each other by telling each other a little more gray stories.

The kind of stories Bunny would have, almost!, wanted his children to read.

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